Tyler C. Called Out Kanye For Saying Kim K Dresses Too Sexy & I'm Living For It

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Oooooh. Tyler Cameron is making headlines and they don't have anything to do with Gigi Hadid. In fact, The Bachelorette alum is dishing out relationship advice and he's so on point. You see, Tyler Cameron called out Kanye West for saying Kim Kardashian dresses too sexy, and I'm all for it.

On Oct. 15, Cameron went in on West after retweeting a video clip of the rapper telling Kardashian her outfits are "too sexy." Obviously, West doesn't seem to know who he's married to because Kim Kardashian is sexy. That's her brand and has always been her brand long before West came along.

Anyway, Cameron, being the lovable, understanding, and perfect man (that I'm hoping is still on the market) he is, decided to give West some marital advice, and honestly, why not? He was almost married on national TV, y'know?

Cameron retweeted the revealing video clip and added his own special bro tip. "What not to do," he began. "You should want your significant other to be sexy and feel sexy. Ye lost his confidence. Fellas if you can’t stand the heat get out the kitchen. Encourage your significant other to be all they can be. Not hold them back."

Give this man a round of applause people because I couldn't say it better myself.

Now, if you hear the entire clip, you'll probably become even more frustrated with the ordeal. You see, the Oct. 13 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians revealed the never-before-seen drama that went down right before the 2019 Met Gala.

If you recall, Kardashian wore that stunning Thierry Mugler gown that she couldn't sit down in, let alone go to the bathroom in, all in the name of fashion. She looked phenomenal, to say the least. However, as confident and as poised as she seemed to be before stepping out on the pink carpet, Kardashian was hit with waves of anxiety after her husband admitted he didn't like the outfit that took her eight months to create. I know! Is that why West looked so mad in every photo?

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Anyway, he began by saying, "I went through this transition where being a rapper, looking at all these girls and looking at my wife, like, ‘Oh my girl needs to be just like the other girls showing their body off.’ I didn’t realize that that was affecting my soul and my spirit as someone who is married and the father of now … about to be four kids. A corset is a form of underwear, it’s hot, for who though?”

Kardashian told West he was making her feel uneasy before the big event. “So the night before the Met you’re going to come in here and say that you’re not into a corset vibe?” Kim responded. “You’re giving me really bad anxiety. You knew last night I had really bad anxiety and I don’t need any more negative energy and for you say you’re now not into me wearing a tight dress.”

That's when West said he's not here for her hip-hugging fits. “You are my wife and it affects me when pictures are too sexy,” he said. *Rolls eyes*

Kardashian didn't just let it go, though. She responded, saying, “You built me up to be this sexy person and confidence and all this, and just because you’re on a journey and transformation doesn’t mean I’m in the same spot with you." Girl, preach.

I understand West feels some type of way, but he can't expect Kardashian to change her image after praising her for it and even helping to curate her image. Hopefully, West can come to terms with the fact that his wife can wear whatever she wants, however she wants, and support her for it.