Soobin hits the red carpet with his TXT bandmates.

TXT's Quotes About Soobin Show How Much They Admire Their Leader

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The success of a band starts with its members having respect for one another. Any time a band starts squabbling, their demise isn't far away, but the strongest artists are the ones who stick together and lean on clear communication. That's probably why TXT have had so much success just a year after debuting in March 2019. The K-Pop group never have anything but the nicest things to say about each other, and with Soobin serving as the group's leader, he plays a large role in maintaining the band's synergy. Based on TXT's quotes about Soobin, it's apparent why he's the perfect leader.

Soobin was the second member of TXT to be announced, and he instantly stole fans' hearts. However, at first, he was hesitant to take the position.

“I was under a lot of pressure because people say a leader should lead from behind instead of being in front,” he told W Korea (via South China Morning Post). But Soobin ultimately agreed to sign on for the duty of leading the group, and he's led them pretty far. After all, they won a total of 10 rookie awards in 2019.

As TXT continues to dominate the K-Pop world these are all best quotes his bandmates have said that will make MOAs melt.

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He Made A Great First Impression.

“I remember when I first saw Soobin. He looked really tall. Well, I’m shorter than 170cm, so it was so impressive,” Taehyun said during a livestream to celebrate the first 100 days of the group, according to a translation by South China Morning Post.

He's Funny AF.

The TXT guys make sure to check in with fans regularly, and are constantly updating their vlog channel. During one chat on VLIVE in August 2019, Taehyun vocalized his admiration for his bandmate. "Soobin keeps makes jokes while practicing, but he did a good job," he said around the 3:05 minute mark.

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His Leadership Makes The Members Want To Support Him.

In a December 2019 interview with Buzzfeed, the band was asked: "What about something sweet that your members have said to you?" Soobin's response revealed a really sweet quote Huening Kai once said to him.

As Soobin recalled, Hueningkai said, "You can come talk to me whenever. I really want to be there for you if you’d ever need."

"It really touched me," Soobin added.

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His Voice Is Amazing.

During a July 2019 video interview with Buzzfeed, the guys sat down and played with puppies while answering questions. As if that wasn't heart-melting enough, Taehyun gave Soobin the best compliment.

When asked "What is one skill or talent from the other members that you would like to have?" Taehyun said, "I want [to have] Soobin's beautiful falsetto!"

You can watch the sweet moment at the 4:30 mark below.

He takes a long time to get ready, but he's worth waiting for.

The TXT guys spoke to J-14 in November 2019 and played a round of rapid fire questions. When asked "Who takes the longest to get ready," the band members all pointed to Soobin. "[It takes him] 30 or 40 minutes," they estimated. But the guys all shared a laugh over the moment, and they clearly don't fault Soobin -- because he's worth the wait!

You can watch the moment below at the 2:45 mark.

It's hard to believe TXT have only been together for a year with all the memories and music they've made. Given the love they already have for each other, there's surely more sweet quotes about Soobin to come.