A screenshot from TXT's "Blue Hour" music video.

TXT's New "Blue Hour" Video Is A Visual Masterpiece From Start To Finish

Big Hit Entertainment

Can you feel the rush, MOAs? TXT is officially back with new music! After dropping their third EP Minisode1: Blue Hour in October 2020, the group has returned with their first full-length Japanese album Still Dreaming. As part of the release, TXT has given fans Japanese versions of their biggest hits, including their EP's title track. MOAs, prepare to fall in love with the song all over again because TXT's "Blue Hour" Japanese music video is a visual masterpiece that transports you to another world.

Just like the album title implies, the clip takes fans through a dreamscape filled with various locations, all brimming with magic — starting with a deserted amusement park. According to a press release by Big Hit Entertainment, the barren location represents fragility and loneliness, turning TXT's imaginations into reality. The youthful imagery aligns with "Blue Hour"'s message about about the transition from boyhood to adulthood.

In the song, TXT sings about learning to appreciate life's little moments because they fly by in an instant. "Freeze this moment/ I wanna stay/ On the boundary between the two worlds," TXT says in the chorus. "At the hour between dog and wolf/ I want to be trapped in the magic/ Blue hour!"

The original "Blue Hour" MV translated this theme by having TXT exploring a carousel in a beautiful dream world. The clip seemingly represented the guys appreciating their childhood. The new MV continues this story. In it, TXT fly around on alien spaceships, play with NERF guns, and explode colored smoke bombs. However, things take a turn when day turns to night and, suddenly, everything becomes silent. The carousel they once used to roam is now destroyed and the spaceship is abandoned. The eerie imagery contracts with the song's more upbeat sound, showing how there are various sides of growing up. Watch the video below.

YEONJUN, SOOBIN, BEOMGYU, TAEHYUN, and HUENINGKAI also get separated in a dark forest. The scene seemingly represents the journey of growing up on your own. At one point, YEONJUN sees a beautiful white horse walking past him, which could symbolize youth leaving their innocence behind.

Honestly, the whole video is a masterpiece, and if you want to explore more of TXT's dream world, you can listen to their new Japanese album Still Dreaming below.