Twix Popcorn is at Sam's Club

You Can Get Twix Popcorn At Sam’s Club, But Only For A Limited Time

by Daffany Chan
Courtesy of Twix

If you've been on the hunt for the perfect snack this fall, there's a new product that will undoubtedly satisfy those hunger pangs. After all, just because Halloween has officially passed, doesn't mean that the party's over. Twix Popcorn is a newly released bag of munchies that combines two of your favorite go-to movie night snacks, popcorn and Twix, into one mouthwatering combination. Twix Popcorn is at Sam's Club now and it's packed with so much flavor that your taste buds will go wild.

In press materials sent to Elite Daily on Nov. 1, Candy Pop unveiled the new Twix Popcorn flavor. At 140 calories per serving, it'll be hard to resist the decadent popcorn that's coated with Twix and topped off with a chocolate and caramel drizzle that's bound to satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth. The sweet and salty flavor pairing is one that foodies typically love, and it looks like the Twix Popcorn is another product that'll be added to the list of popular hits. Selling exclusively at Sam's Club, it'll cost you $5.98 for a 20 oz bag of popcorn. Twix Popcorn is available now for a limited time, so make your way to your local Sam's Club and get ready for some cozy fall movie nights at home.

Twix shared news of the product on Instagram in a Nov. 1 post captioned, "It might not be Halloween anymore, but now you can watch your scary movies with TWIX popcorn. Get yours at your local Sam's Club starting today!" Many fans announced on the comments section that they were looking forward to tasting the new flavor, with user @dmdolcemania proclaiming, "I need them! I love these popcorn!" There were even some devout Twix fans who have already hit the shelves at Sam's Club and stocked up on the sugary popcorn. Fan @widowliving_30 wrote, "I bought this yesterday, can't wait to try it!"

Courtesy of Twix

Candy Pop also sells a popular Butterfinger Popcorn, which was released in October 2017. According to Sam's Club, Candy Pop Butterfinger Popcorn is "lightly covered popcorn that is drizzled with peanut butter morsels then covered with ground up Nestle Butterfinger," combining "two of America's favorite snacks into one mouth watering popcorn." Like the new Twix Popcorn, the Butterfinger Popcorn is also a sweet and salty combination that will deliver that balanced, flavorful taste. And with a 4.5/5 rating on Sam's Club, you know that customers are really digging this product.

With delicious flavors available like Butterfinger Popcorn and Twix Popcorn, it's hard to imagine that it could get any better. But according to the company's press materials, the release of Twix Popcorn is just the beginning in a series of new flavors that will be added to the lineup. The exclusive flavors will all be sold at Sam's Club, so I would keep an eye while you're meandering through the grocery store and stay tuned for more tasty announcements in the upcoming months. It's time to close this year out with a sweet and salty punch that'll satisfy the foodie in you.