TWICE's quotes about filming Seize The Light will make you emotional, because it shows just how far ...

The Reason TWICE's New Docuseries Means So Much To Them Will Make ONCE Emotional


Groups formed on reality competition shows can be hit or miss because when you force complete strangers to work together as a team, there's no guarantee they'll actually mesh once faced with all the pressures of fame. But when it comes to TWICE's Jihyo, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu — who were put together on the Korean reality singing competition Sixteen in 2015 — their union was lightning in a bottle. Five years after their debut, they're one of the most successful K-Pop groups of all time, and they're gearing up to drop a new docuseries called TWICE: Seize the Light that recounts their spectacular rise to international superstardom. The trailer gives fans a glimpse of the members' most vulnerable moments on tour, and TWICE's quotes about filming Seize the Light will make you emotional over how far the girls have come as a band and as best friends.

When TWICE released their debut EP, The Story Begins, in October 2015, their debut single, "Like OOH-AHH," made history as the first K-Pop debut track to reach 100 million views on YouTube. And that was only the beginning of their history-making accomplishments. From 2016 to 2018, they won the Song of the Year award at the Mnet Asian Music Awards, becoming the first group to win the award three years in a row.

Now, TWICE is approaching the five-year anniversary of when they were put together as a group on the finale of Sixteen in July 2015, and their successes only make them look back on the early days more fondly. They even re-watch old episodes of the show sometimes.

"I was very impressed that me and the other members as trainees were very passionate at the time," Sana tells Elite Daily. "I believe that because of that moment and our efforts [on Sixteen], TWICE now exists."

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While TWICE's long list of achievements has won them the status as "the Nation's Girl Group" in Korea, Jeongyeon is nothing but humble when discussing TWICE's rise to the top.

"I feel very strange that five years have already passed [since Sixteen]," she says. "As I look back at what we have achieved as TWICE, I think we at least put our fingerprint in K-Pop history... I am very proud that we can be remembered as K-Pop stars."

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It's clear from their international impact TWICE has made more than just a "fingerprint" on the music industry. Their 2019 TWICELIGHTS world tour marked their first headlining shows in the United States, and it was so memorable to the group and their fans, it became the central focus of their upcoming YouTube Originals docuseries, TWICE: Seize the Light.

Sana teases TWICE: Seize the Light will give fans an intimate look at TWICE's life on tour. "Since the TWICELIGHTS also had the U.S. tour... we [prepared our speeches for] fans in English and showed how we practiced [for the concerts]," she says.

The trailer for TWICE: Seize the Light gives a tiny glimpse of the behind-the-scenes moments Sana mentions, like the members' demanding rehearsals and the backstage hustle that goes into changing in and out of the intricate costumes the girls rock on stage. Watch it below.

All the challenges the girls face on tour are worth it, though. So much so, reliving some of them through the TWICE: Seize the Light trailer made Sana emotional. "When I saw the trailer that was released, I remembered the emotions that I had back then, and I cried a little bit in my room [after] watching," Sana shares.

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Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, TWICE's tour came to an abrupt halt before they finished their final concerts in Japan. "The members and I were preparing for the encore concerts, but suddenly this kind of situation came, which made us very sad not being able to perform in front of ONCE," Mina says.

This hit TWICE hard, as the special connection they share with their fans, known as ONCE, is something they cherish. In fact, fans inspired TWICE to write their Feel Special track "21:29."

"The members and I wanted to show fans how we preciously think of them, which made us want to participate together for writing the lyrics," Mina shares of their writing process.

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Despite their future concert schedule being uncertain for now, Jeongyeon reassures fans they'll reunite soon. "If you wait, you'll be able to see us again," she says.

TWICE: Seize the Light premieres on YouTube on April 29.

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