TWICE's Jeongyeon's Secret Talents Will Make You Love Her Even More

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TWICE's Jeongyeon's talent shines bright when she performs with Jihyo, Nayeon, Momo, Sana, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu, but it shouldn't be forgotten that, alone, she boasts a variety of unique gifts and hobbies that really set her apart from her fellow über-talented group-mates. So who is TWICE's Jeongyeon?

Well, she was born into a talented family. Her father was a private chef for former South Korean president Kim Da Jung and her sister is Gong Seungyeon, a well-known actress in K-Dramas. As for Jeongyeon, she was accepted as a trainee at the 6th JYP Entertainment open audition in March 2010.

But the idol life wasn't her only dream. Jeongyeon also had dreams of working in the culinary field like her dad. “To be honest, I almost quit being a trainee... I wanted to work at a bakery," Jeongyeon once confessed to Chosun. "Working at the bakery matched with me very well. I almost thought about making my own bakery!”

She stuck with JYP, though, and after training for five years, the Suwon, South Korea, native made her debut as a lead vocalist with TWICE at 18, and being a young performer definitely has its perks.

“I think since the members and I started working at a young age, we’re a bit more mature than other people our age," Jeongyeon told Marie Claire magazine in an October 2019 interview. "We’ve met a lot of different people along the way, and that experience helped me understand the members and others more."

Fans love Jeongyeon not only for her musical talents, but also adore her striking visuals. But there's more to Jeongyeon than just her looks and vocal talents.

1. She Volunteers

In November 2019, Jeongyeon spent time at the Anseong Animal Shelter in Korea with her sister Gong Seungyeon. The siblings did everything from cleaning cages to donating much-needed supplies.

3. She Loves Animals

Aside from spending time with cats and dogs at the animal shelters she volunteers at, Jeongyeon is a proud dog mom of a Poodle named Nanan and a white Pomeranian, Bbosong.

2. She Plays Two Instruments

Jeongyeon plays the saxophone and the piano. She showed off her sax talents on Star King in March 2016 and her piano skills were captured in an Instagram video. From the clips below, Jeongyeon isn't quite a pro on either instrument, but both videos are equally endearing.

5. She Likes to Learn From Other TWICE Members

“Living in a dorm with nine members entails consideration. Everything would fall apart if even one person isn’t considerate, but our members are all kind. I learn a lot from them," Jeongyeon told Marie Claire.

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She went on to reveal how her members' different views and personalities make her think about life's challenges in new ways. "Even though we’re doing the same work, I see how a member thinks positively about something in a certain way, or how someone can think of something in a way that I never would have thought of. I learn things like that while being with the members,” she shared.

6. She's a Fan Favorite Because of Her Joyous and Humorous Personality

Watch these videos below and try to not crack a smile. Jeongyeon makes it nearly impossible. She not only brings laughter to her fans and other TWICE members, but also to herself, because, on top of her hard work in TWICE, she's all about the fun.

So there you have it, now you know why Jeongyeon brings so much joy to ONCEs as well as her TWICE members.