The Internet Freaked Out After That Steamy 'Riverdale' Shower Scene


It's been a long Riverdale-less summer, you guys, but the Season 2 premiere of the CW hit did not disappoint. We knew it was going to happen. There were sneak peeks and murmurs and whispers of what was to come. One trailer even teased a Riverdale shower scene between Veronica and — well, it had to be Archie, right? It would be pretty devastating if it wasn't. Turns out it so was. And the final product was steamier (literally) than any moments we've seen between these two lovebirds previously. If the upcoming episodes of this show are anything like the first, we're in for a very sexy season.

Are we the only ones freaking out about the super intense #Varchie situation we just witnessed? Um, definitely not. The internet went crazy processing the hotness. We all know that what happens in Riverdale definitely does not stay there, and Twitter is here for it. It's hard to find a fan who doesn't love Bughead, but Veronica and Archie just turned things up a notch. And it wasn't just their physical connection. It looks like now that Archie is dealing with situations that are more serious than ever, their intimacy is going to deepen emotionally, too. We can't wait to what's going to happen, because we're totally hooked. And we're not alone.

Yes, Veronica totally asked Archie is she could join him in the shower. "Thought you might want some company," she asked him cooly. Veronica even kept on her signature pearls as the rest of the world was left clutching theirs.

We all know Archie is going through an intensely difficult chapter in his life, and it probably isn't going to end anytime soon. His father was just shot. The town he grew up in is on the brink of some sort of civil war. It's hard to trust anyone but his close circle of friends. But one thing he can count on is Veronica. She stepped up to the plate with the whole supportive girlfriend role, even if that part of being in a relationship isn't exactly in her comfort zone. Veronica revealed that when it comes to consoling a BF in a time of need, she's not really cut out for it. And now that she's involved with Archie and his father was fighting for his life in a hospital bed, talk about trial-by-fire... Although Betty assured her friend the emotionally distant attitude was the old Veronica, Ronnie still had her doubts about how to handle the whole thing.

Leading up to this season, we knew Veronica and Archie's road would be a rocky one. “There’s going to be some tension in that relationship because obviously Archie’s just gone through a very traumatic experience,” Camila Mendes explained. “It’s going to be that constant – Veronica trying to be there for him and Archie pushing her away," she added. The first episode definitely already gave us a glimpse at this back-and-forth, considering Archie's prickly reaction to her attempt at help by emptying out Fred's belongings. But Archie, she's only trying to be a better GF! She's growing for you!

In addition to their issues, the audience also had an idea that things were heating up big time. Mendes told EW that they would be "even more sexual" in Season 2. “Death brings out certain passions or thirst for life. So they’ve definitely been friskier. But I think now because of all this darkness and stuff in Archie’s life and Veronica’s as well, their relationship does feel more grounded. It has more substance than just physical," she has said.

Whatever happens, we're rooting for them. We're shipping #Varchie now more than ever before. *Fans self until episode 2.*