The Winter Solstice Is Finally Here & Twitter's Trying Its Hardest To Stay Positive

by Georgina Berbari

Happy winter solstice, my frigid friends! The shortest day of the year is indeed upon us, and people are not holding back when it comes to saying how they really feel about the lack of daylight and extended nighttime. Seriously, just scrolling through a few tweets about the winter solstice basically sums up the catastrophe that was 2017 as a whole, in the most cynical, sarcastic way possible.

Real talk though, if you casually converse with basically any human, the majority of people you talk to will wholeheartedly agree that this past year was rough AF. If you don't believe me, the phrase "why 2017 is the worst" literally autofills on Google, so if that doesn't tell you something was up this past year, I don't know what will.

Anyway, the arrival of the winter solstice this year is essentially the perfect opportunity for people to bitch and moan about yet another thing that went wrong in 2017 (even though the Earth's tilt away from the sun does occur every single year, regardless of how bad or good the year actually was — just sayin').

But honestly, Twitter is a great place to just let it all out (as long as it's limited to 280 words of the #feels), and these users did just that. Trust me, people aren't holding back in the slightest.

If you're searching for some relatable winter solstice complaints, look no further. These nine tweets are relatable AF and will speak straight to your soul.

When You're #Twinning With Nature
doththedoth on Twitter

TBH, there's nothing more comforting than realizing you're literally a spitting image of Mother Nature.

Doth, I feel you man. But personally, I feel like this is more of an everyday "dead inside" vibe, not a trait especially reserved for solstice festivities.

When You Realize 2017 Has Been A Trip And A Half
comfortablysmug on Twitter

This tweet started off by simply being informative about the impending winter solstice. Like, I feel as if I've learned so much in just a few characters. Am I wrong?

But signing off the sentiment with "2017 af" turned this bad boy from explanatory to real relatable, real fast. I really and truly feel this on a spiritual level.

When You Attempt To Be Casually Positive
gwyntalexander on Twitter

Listen Gwyndyn, I get that you're trying to be positive and all, but I'm honestly just not buying it. No emojis, no punctation, and the deadpan, unenthusiastic tone is practically palpable here.

I mean, if she threw in, like, a cute GIF or something, that would change everything. But this girl is not in the mood for winter.

When The Shortest Day Is Anything But Short
pandamoanimum on Twitter

Technically, the winter solstice means the least daylight, and thus the shortest day of the year.

But what is time anyway? This Twitter user's to-do list is basically everyone's nightmare (on any day of the year). TBH, I'm shuddering just looking at it.

When You're Just Trying To Get Through The Week
owensdamien on Twitter

Winter solstice celebrations are sacred to those who participate in them. It honestly makes me low-key feel bad for wrapping myself in a blanket burrito and going on a Netflix binge every year when the sun sets around 4 p.m., instead of traveling to Stonehenge to welcome the changing of the seasons.

Damien's tweet made me feel a little better though. You're a real homie, man.

When Most People Are At An Ancient Monument, But You Just Want To Get Turnt
bollocksweather on Twitter

Stonehenge is a mound of sacred standing stones in England, where the solstice sunrise is truly a breathtaking sight to see.

This tweet, however, doesn't give a single f*ck about rituals and traditions, and it's so relatable, it hurts.

When You've Simply Had Enough
yungkundalini on Twitter

This woman has clearly put up with her fair share of 2017 BS, and she's not afraid to let you all know about it.

I'm kind of concerned, but also mildly amused. Preach it, sister.

When You're Already Planning Your Beach Days
marcusinstroud on Twitter

OK Marcus, I love summer too, but let's not whip out the swim trunks and SPF 50 just yet.

Lovin' the fresh perspective here, but there's also snow in the forecast for next week, and I just finished putting up my Christmas tree, so I think everyone needs to take a breather.

When You're The Glimmer Of Hope Amongst The Cynics
ellen_forster on Twitter

And finally, there is, indeed, a sliver of hope amongst all of the cynics and non-believers out there.

This is definitely the most inspirational tweet I've seen in a while (though that's a pretty easy feat to accomplish in the world of social media as of late).

Thank you, dear Ellen. This right here is exactly what the world needs to hear.

Happy winter solstice, everyone!