People Are Sharing The Wildest Stories To Happen At Their High School & I Am Stunned

by Collette Reitz

Stories about someone's high school days can range from awkward and embarrassing to "WTF were you thinking?" No matter how many tales you have from the days of third period homeroom, there is one that undoubtedly stands out from the rest. On Sunday night, Dec. 25, people shared their tales of high school scandal, and these tweets about "the incident" in people's high schools will leave you shook.

All it took was one simple question from Katie Notopoulos (who is a tech writer for BuzzfeedNews, according to her Twitter bio) on Sunday night for Twitter to seemingly turn into a collection of all the crazy that has ever happened in every high school... like, ever. Notopoulos posted the question, "What was 'the incident' in your high school?" By Tuesday, Dec. 26, her tweet had over 3,080 replies. From the looks of the responses, high school is way more than some embarrassing acne and braces.

Notopoulos didn't explicitly explain what would qualify at "the incident," but it appears that you know it when you see it, because people immediately began replying to her inquiry with major high school drama. The responses run the gamut from obscene scavenger hunts to extremely improper teacher-student relations — and everything in between.

It all started with a simple question.

This response is the perfect combination of disgusting and "whyyyy?"

No dance needs the "bloody tampon" intermission, let alone prom.

A fake death insurance scam — really?

He got a freaking memorial page in the yearbook? They must have been very committed to the plan.

Ah, the classic PornHub-school website redirect.

LOL forever at this one, though.

OK, revenge porn is not as funny, you guys.

I hope he got expelled as well.

This high school's 2002 senior scavenger hunt included collecting actual people.

A "MILF" and a "natural blonde" are among the more palatable (yet still very disturbing) "items" on the deranged list.

On a lighter note, one of the items in the scavenger hunt was a Dunkin' Donuts sign.

The high school was in Massachusetts (Dunkin's headquarters), so this seems like a capital (yet hilarious) crime.

The pranksters who got pranked (with a penis made out of desks).

Nyack High School's Class of 2008 thought their trickery was tops when they took all the desks and chairs (allegedly with the principal's permission) and arranged them on the football field to spell out "2008."

Another prankster had other plans and rearranged the "2008" into a penis.

Some seniors were not pleased with the switch-a-roo.

Why study when you can just steal all the answers?

Because you get caught and expelled — that's why.

These tricksters should have payed better attention in art class.

When in doubt, bury it in a marsh.

As gross as this is, "poop bandit" is kind of a dope moniker.

To be clear, this is still super disgusting.

Clearly, they both missed sexual education.

Why a drainage tunnel? Why a Ziploc bag? So many questions.

On movie day of all days?

I guess it is slightly related to biology.

Notopoulos had heard it all by Tuesday morning.

I didn't encounter many of the poop ones (thankfully).

This is taking competitiveness to the next level. Yikes.

This high school had an "Egg Bandit."

This is just mean.

The sheer number of responses that Notopoulos received to her question could keep you busy for days. So if you have a spare hour (or week), you could comb through the entire thread about "the incident" for yourself and see what else high-schoolers have to offer beyond drainage tunnel sex and disturbing scavenger hunts.

I don't know if my high school was more low-key than the rest or if I was more out of the loop than I'd care to admit, but these outlandish revelations have left me wondering what was really going on during those four years.

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