There Are 4 Laurens On 'The Bachelor' This Year & People Aren't Too Happy About It

Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you're one of the millions who consider themselves to be emotionally involved with "Bachelor Nation," you're probably already aware of the fact that Arie Luyendyk's season is coming up in just less than a month. With this amazing news, you're also probably beyond excited that Arie's contestants were finally revealed on Friday, Dec. 8. But alas, with most great news comes a little bit of controversy in the Twitterverse, which can be found among the depths of the tweets about the 4 Laurens on The Bachelor.

And, with any and all great Twitter disputes comes an enticing and delectable side of snark, wit, and pure emotion — and discussion around the four Laurens undeniably has it all. Some in the Twitterverse are a little bit frustrated, some are shocked beyond belief, and others see the humor in it. Honestly, we just find it to be plain hilarious.

First off, those in the Twitterverse also named Lauren are honestly feeling pretty gloomy about it.

Our condolences to you, Lauren. It can't be the first time you've been one of many Laurens in a crowd, but I could imagine this is probably a pretty tough time for you. Here's to hoping that each of these Laurens strive to maintain the name's reputation, and that they're all really just "here for the right reasons."

Even those with equally popular names as Lauren are feeling weird about it. Because no matter how common your name might be, there definitely aren't four other current Bachelor contestants with the same name as you... unless your name happens to be Lauren, of course.

It's okay Britt, we're here for you.

Other Twitter users — the non-Laurens of the Twitterverse — are merely just blown away by the fact that almost 14 percent of this season's contestants will be named Lauren. Fourteen percent, seriously, what are the odds that they're all named Lauren?

Stephanie, we never could have imagined this happening. Our minds were pretty much blown when we heard the news... HOW CAN IT BE?

Alyssa, we're definitely feeling you with the laugh-cry emoji on this one. It's honestly just so bizarre. At this point, we're even kind of wishing that there were just a few more than four Laurens, just to make things extra weird.

Rachel, we can't tell if you're merely in utter disbelief, or if you're legitimately furious about this. But let's just take a deep breath. Everything is going to be OK, we promise.

Beth, we really cannot fathom how on earth this has happened. There are usually just a few Laurens, Rebeccas and Rachels, but never has there been four contestants with the exact same name. We totally agree with you on this; even by Bachelor standards, a whopping four Laurens really is just a little bit excessive.

Others are even starting to think that maybe — just maybe — the casting directors are really just in on the joke. Because seriously, how is this just a coincidence? It had to have been planned for the LOLs, right? We honestly have no freaking idea. The entire world may never know.

And finally, some of us are just laughing at the fact that there are just so. Many. Damn. Laurens. Many Laurens, a few Brittanys and Rebeccas, and finally, too many real estate agents, fitness instructors and beautiful blondes to count. But that's usually how it goes, right?

Despite a slight lack in name variety among this bunch of absolutely lovely ladies, we're all waiting on our tippy toes for the season premier, because seriously... it's coming up way sooner than you think (New Year's Day, here we come!). So if you can bring yourselves to accept the sea of Laurens that are about to engulf you every upcoming Monday evening, it's predicted to be a pretty exciting season.