Tweets About The 2018 SAG Awards Show Awards Season In Full Swing


It was definitely a night to remember at the Screen Actors Guild Awards this year, and while all the action was going down on stage on Sunday night, the real party was actually happening online. Twitter was packed with jokes, memes, and reactions to the awards ceremony that may have outshone the show itself. Don't believe me? Check out the best tweets about the 2018 SAG Awards for yourself below.

This year's SAG Awards was set apart from all the past ceremonies for a bunch of really cool reasons, which made it the most tweetable SAG Awards ever. First of all, the show had a host for the first time ever, and it just so happened to be one of the internet's favorite celebrities. Kristen Bell served as the inaugural host for the SAG Awards this year after 23 years of the ceremony going on without a host. And of course, Bell was hilarious the whole night. Her jokes became one of the main things that blew up on Twitter. Another big moment of the night came when Morgan Freeman took to the stage to accept the SAG Awards' Lifetime Achievement Award.

The fun kicked off with the red carpet arrivals. It was clear that all the nominees were ready to have a good time at this awards show, which is usually a more lighthearted event that the Oscars, Emmys, or Golden Globes. Bell goofed off with Stranger Things star David Harbour, Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis had a Thelma & Louise reunion, and everyone just generally had a good time.

Take a look at all the best tweets about the 2018 SAG Awards for yourself below:

But of course, once the awards started getting distributed, things really blew up online.

The big moment of the night finally came a little over halfway through the ceremony, when Morgan Freeman accepted the SAG Awards' Lifetime Achievement Award. True to his cool and calm demeanor, Morgan Freeman strutted up to the stage in a tux and a baseball cap — the choice of headpiece made quite a splash on Twitter.

The other standout aspect of Morgan Freeman's acceptance speech was his silly, teasing friendship with presenter Rita Moreno. The two actors have been friends for half a century, and Moreno pointed out that Freeman had presented her with that very award five years ago. After the two stars joked around with one another during Freeman's speech, viewers were so delighted that they wanted even more Rita Morena/Morgan Freeman content:

The SAG Awards got even crazier towards the end. Kristen Bell used her hosting duties to hilariously scream out random words and actors' names, concluding by screaming "Meryl Streep," which prompted the whole crowd to get up into a standing ovation despite the fact that Streep was not even present at the ceremony.

And as far as trophies, it was all about This Is Us. The show won Best Ensemble Cast in a TV Show and Sterling K. Brown continued his streak of winning pretty much every award he is nominated for by taking the Best Actor in a TV Drama trophy.

But in the very end, this year's SAG Awards were really all about one woman: Frances McDormand. As the night winded down to its big movie awards, McDormand made her way on stage twice. For her lead role in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, McDormand won the Best Actress in a Drama Movie award and spoke on behalf of her cast when they won Best Ensemble Cast in a Movie.

Of course, McDormand put her own unique spin on it — ambling to the stage in a very memorable way and giving a speech that nobody expected, saying she doesn't need another "doorstop" and maybe to look at some young up-and-comers at these ceremonies.

All in all, it was a reliably zany and fun-filled night. Now let's just see how these winners will influence the Oscars next month.