Steve Harvey Hosted Miss Universe 2017 & Twitter Was So Savage About It

Bryan Steffy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Steve Harvey stepped back into his role as the main Miss Universe pageant host for the competition's 66th year on Sunday, Nov. 26. I can guarantee you that nobody would have cared about this news if it wasn't for 2015's epic blunder from Harvey, where he announced the wrong country as the winner. And it appears that the internet won't ever live him it down, because the tweets about Steve Harvey hosting Miss Universe 2017 are kind of harsh — but also extremely entertaining.

Who can forget Harvey's disastrous mistake during the crowning moment at the Miss Universe 2015 competition? It was down to two contestants, Miss Philippines and Miss Colombia. When it came time to announce the winner, Harvey declared Miss Colombia the winner... when actually Miss Philippines was the true Miss Universe.

What ensued after Harvey corrected his mistake looked like it could have been straight out of Miss Congeniality. The already "crowned" Miss Colombia (who was already at the front of the stage waving to the audience, might I add) was forced to embarrassingly transfer the crown on her head over to the true winner.

History seemed to be repeating itself when it came time to announce the final woman who would be added to the top five contestants. Both 2017's Miss Columbia and Miss Philippines were included in the remaining six contestants. And when Miss Columbia was announced, Twitter users were not exactly happy about it:

Thankfully, no actual mistakes came from Harvey during the 2017 pageant, no matter how badly Twitter users seemingly wanted him to mess up. But Harvey wants us to know that he hasn't forgotten what happened at the 2015 competition either.

He actually thinks that he's kind of off the hook. Harvey cracked a joke where he referenced the 2017 Oscars Best Picture mistake, which of course was when Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced that La La Land was the winner, when it was actually Moonlight.

"I'll tell you what I'm grateful for this Thanksgiving weekend. I'm grateful for the Oscars. 'Cause it let me off the hook," Harvey said during the announcement of the top 16 contestants on Sunday night, per Entertainment Tonight. Luckily for Harvey, he came out of this year's event unscathed.

But even though Miss Universe 2017 went off without a hitch and things ran smoothly, there was still some controversy surrounding the competition. Namely, the question of whether or not President Donald Trump was at all involved with the Miss Universe Organization.

The good news is that the president is absolutely not involved. He sold the The Miss Universe Organization to WME/IMG in 2015 after NBC cut ties with Trump following offensive comments he made about immigrants. Since NBC aired the competition and it no longer had a network, Trump bought the Miss Universe Organization’s entire share and made the sale.

The bad news? The competition has been airing on FOX ever since the sale. Personally, I think that's no coincidence. But that's just my own crazy conspiracy-theory-obsessed self talking.

In any case, the 2017 Miss Universe competition was an incredible event. Steve Harvey escaped any epic mess-ups and announced the correct winner. When it came down to the final two contestants, Miss South Africa came out on top over Miss Columbia and was crowned 2017's Miss Universe.

But the final winner announcement also begs this question: Has Steve Harvey cast a curse over all future Miss Colombia contestants who are competing in the Miss Universe pageant? Because he's now two for two when Colombia has been in the top two in the competition. I guess I'll just have to keep watching every year to prove this theory true.