Starbucks' Crystal Ball Frappuccino Is Officially Here & Twitter Can't Deal


Whether you and your middle school friends played Ouija in an effort to "talk to the undead", or if you totally predicted the snarky comment your boss was about to make, there was probably a time in your life that you felt kind of psychic. And although it's pretty unlikely that you've somehow been blessed with any sort of special intuition, Starbucks' new drink is sure to bring out that second sight of yours. So if you didn't already read my mind, make sure to take a look at the tweets about Starbucks' Crystal Ball Frappuccino — they show a deliciously divine future.

Forget about seeing dead people, because my sixth sense is showing me something pretty damn delicious. Starbucks' Crystal Ball Frappuccino is made up of a cream-based peach frappuccino, complete with mysterious turquoise swirls. Plus, it's topped with peach-flavored whipped cream, and even cooler — one of three colored toppings which will tell your fortune. According to Starbucks, blue sprinkles indicate adventure in your future, green indicate luck, and purple is for "magic, wonder, and enchantment." You won't know which you'll get until you order. Magical.

After waiting for far too long, my crystal ball is showing that the ever-elusive Crystal Ball Frappuccino has finally been announced — and it'll arrive at Starbucks on Thursday, March 22. Whether you tend to order Starbies through the app or via telekinesis, though, get it ASAP — it's only going to be available for four days, while supplies lasts. And unless you've already telepathically communicated with the entire Twitterverse, here's what they think about the mystical new Starbies creation.

Even though the majority of Starbucks fans and telekinetic beings are totally into the new mystifyingly tasty beverage, there do happen to be a few muggles and unintuitive naysayers out there, who just are not into it. And, um, I guess it's OK if you're not loving the Crystal Ball Frappuccino, but guess what? This means that you definitely can't read minds, and that your crystal ball is probably just a snow globe. It also means that you absolutely cannot come to my birthday party this year... sorry! Psychics only.

Even though Starbucks baristas are literal magical beings from an entirely different and more perfect planet, making your own version of a Crystal Ball Frappuccino is actually doable. Many thanks to the beloved barista who shared the recipe card with Boing Boing, because it's seriously an out-of-this-world blessing.

Based off Boing Boing's tweet, the Crystal Ball Frappuccino includes some pretty unique flavors and ingredients; peach whipped cream, peach tea infusion, turquoise sparkles, and those magical candy gem topping are just a few. To add those mystical swirls, there's also a "gem drizzle," which includes White Chocolate Mocha sauce, as well as a Frappuccino Crème base. So there's a slight chance you'll have to become really good friends with your local baristas to find all of these unique ingredients, but trust me: it'll be 100 percent worth the effort, in the end.

The (righteous) hype revolving around the Crystal Ball Frappuccino is somewhat reminiscent of the Unicorn Frappuccino craze, no? Magically mixing pinks, blues, and purples, the Unicorn Frappuccino was an Instagram dream, and a muggle's nightmare. Tasting like a combination of Skittles and magic, the Unicorn Frappuccino was probably the best thing to happen in 2017, if I'm being completely honest. The Crystal Ball Frappuccino seems to be having the same mystifyingly glorious effect in 2018, and TBH I am absolutely loving it.

There is truly nothing better than being able to predict the future and read minds, but indulging on a super 'grammable drink comes pretty damn close. And there's definitely no going wrong with a peachy, dream-like Frappuccino, which Twitter has ultimately clarified is absolutely incredible. So if you haven't already used your special powers to snag one for yourself, definitely act fast. Their time is short, and your Instagram truly cannot wait any longer for this curiously delectable beverage.