The Final 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Trailer Is Here & Twitter Is Freaking Out


Two years ago, Disney rebooted the Star Wars franchise with Episode VII: The Force Awakens. That movie went on to earn $2 billion at the box office that year. (Yes, billion. With a "B".) So for the upcoming sequel, Lucasfilm isn't taking any chances, and is replicating the exact same roll out schedule, down to the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer arriving during Monday Night Football half time on Columbus Day weekend.

Disney paid George Lucas $4 billion for the rights to the franchise in 2012, and making back half that on your first movie is a sign of a wise investment. It was clear from the first trailer's arrival, again with an exact repeat of The Force Awaken's first trailer drop, during the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, that Disney was going for a beat by beat repeat. After all, you can't argue with success.

But while the first trailer was so faithful to the first movie's method that fans did side by side comparisons and realized they were in fact almost the exact same trailer, would Luscasfilm risk doing that with the second trailer? Would it go for the emotional punch of nostalgia to drive fans to the box office websites as soon as it was over, as they did two years ago?

Let's watch and see.

An emotional gut punch indeed. And even with all the refusal to take any risks, there was still enough of an element of surprise to the story line that it probably elicited gasps across the internet.

But not before the tears were already rolling down the faces of those watching.

For some, the two-minute watch in between sportball quarters was never going to be enough.

Someone summed up my own feelings perfectly with my new favorite image.

Of course, the big news is that Luke is refusing to teach Rey, because she's as strong and as raw as Kylo Ren when Luke first took him on a student all those years ago. Go figure, jerky manboys ruining everything for the women who come along behind them and try to put things to right.

While some freaked out over Rey and Kylo and Luke and Leia, others focused on our other favorite good vs evil match up: Finn vs. Phasma.

Some are really excited about Porgs, as are all right thinking peoples.

Though others point out if porgs aren't your thing (how can porgs not be anyone's thing?) there are other new creatures to freak out about.

For others, the entire thing was just too much to take, and they just had to run and buy tickets.

Meanwhile, twitter doesn't want to give away spoilers, but that trailer ending even had me on a head swivel. Did we just see Rey ask Kylo Ren to train her because Luke is abdicating his responsibilities yet again in this franchise?

But there's already a growing "Star Wars truther" contingent on Twitter that thinks this is a fake out. It's all in the editing, folks. Rey's not asking Kylo for help. She's asking Leia.

Speaking of Leia, we only got a few shots of her face interspersed with Kylo, looking like he's trying to blow up the ship with his mother on it and failing to do so. Or does he?

By the way, Leia is clearly at the heart of this movie. Just look at the poster.

But just because Han Solo is gone doesn't mean those in the Millennium Falcon with him will be forgotten.

Until December when the movie comes out, these images will have to tide us over. Fans are getting to work on that front already.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi arrives on Dec, 15, 2017 in theaters everywhere. Tickets are on sale now.