Sarah Sanders Just Proved Her Pie-Making Abilities After Twitter Tried Sabotaging Her

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If you've watched (or winced at) a White House press briefing, then you know who Sarah Huckabee Sanders is. In November, the White House press secretary unknowingly set off #PieGate when she posted a picture of a chocolate pecan pie she baked for her family on Thanksgiving. People on Twitter questioned whether or not Sanders really baked the pie because her picture kind of resembled a stock photo. Since it's the holiday season, Sanders didn't stop baking on turkey day, and these tweets about Sarah Sanders baking a pie might be enough to convince you that she's the real deal.

According to Sanders' Twitter page, she whipped up another pecan pie for the White House press corps potluck taking place on Thursday, Dec. 14. Due to the controversy surrounding her last confection, Sanders posted pictures of the baking process to her Twitter page on Wednesday night, Dec. 13. Seriously, Sanders shared photos documenting most of her baking process (starting with a shot of all the ingredients), and you just might crave a slice of her pecan pie for yourself once you see the finished product.

During her last pie attempt, Sanders got a tweet response from CNN White House Correspondent April Ryan (Who knew pie could be so divisive?), so Sanders made sure to keep Ryan abreast of the baking conditions on Wednesday night.

"It's pie time!"

"I want to see the pics and videos."

While stating that she wouldn't partake in any pecan pie, Ryan still wanted the proof.

"Ingredients all mixed up and pies in the oven."

Sanders was not fooling around when it came to legitimizing her pies.

"Excited to share these at tomorrow's press potluck."

Sanders posted a photo of four very delicious-looking pies as a result of her night of baking.

"They look pretty!"

Ryan seemed impressed and eager to get a look at the pies.

It's refreshing to see a cordial interaction between Ryan and Sanders (even if it is about pie) because the two have an almost hostile relationship when it comes to the White House press briefings, likely in part due to the Trump administration's adversarial relationship with the media.

Back to the pie at hand, though. The doubters might have to have a bite of humble pie themselves, because the two photos look quite similar (save for the stark white background and aerial point of view).

Here is the original pie photo from Thanksgiving.

Although, that didn't stop people from finding other gripes to initiate another #PieGate.

Sanders posted a photo of some wrapped pecans before she began baking.

The bows add a nice touch no matter who wrapped them... but that didn't stop the questions.

"But, the ribbons!"

"Thanks for visiting William Sonoma..."

Some other responders on Twitter gave Sanders props for her pie skills.

"Looks mighty yummy."

Pie redemption is real, you guys.

From the looks of Sanders' baking documentation on Wednesday night, it appears that she knows how to make a tasty pecan pie. Even if she didn't bake them, there is no doubt that her presentation skills have improved since Thanksgiving — the red bows and Christmas lights really add a little something.

So, now that #PieGate has been put to rest, hopefully the press secretary and the press corps can move on to discussing more pressing matters like the possible passage of the GOP tax bill and urging Congress to reauthorize funding for CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program).

Hopefully once everyone in Washington fuels up at Thursday's White House press corps potluck, they'll get back to business.

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