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Tweets About "Call It What You Want" Prove Taylor Swift Fans Can't Handle Another Single

Holy hell, Taylor Swift is dropping another new single tonight at midnight and fans seriously can’t handle it. Tweets about “Call It What You Want” show just how out of our minds we’re all feeling. I think we can all agree that the anticipation for this is off the charts, right?

To kick off the mania, Swift casually hopped on Instagram this morning to tease the new single, captioning everything: "Call It What You Want. Midnight Eastern." OK. Yep, you’ve got our attention. Rather than a cryptic message or image to go with the tease, she straight up posted lyrics and everyone is dying. And I’m not being dramatic. Well, maybe a little.

The first image showed these lyrics: “But would you run away with me?... ‘Yes.’”

The next image was simply a handwritten “Call It What You Want."

The third image (because that’s the way she rolls now) had more lyrics. Dying. “Holding my breath/Slowly I said/’You don’t need to save me…’”

OK, time for fans to freak on Twitter, so let's dive in.

Let’s kick it off with the obvious, as this fan perfectly summed up the feeling of a new Swift single:

Love. It. The feeling was echoed 'round the Twitterverse, with one person weighing in: "I haven’t heard Call It What You Want but it’s already my favorite song to have ever existed."

Finally, a Secret Session attendee gave some details (limited, I’ll give you that): “after listening to call it what you want and we all were cheering, taylor was like 'this song actually comes out nov 3rd.' wigs flew, fam!” They knew all along and never told us? C'mon, guys.

One fan tweeted to see if she could get any help from a session attendee, writing (yelling!): "SECRET SESSIONERS WHAT CAN WE EXPECT FROM CALL IT WHAT YOU WANT HELP ME PREPARE FOR MY FUNERAL"

Here's the teensiest clue from a Secret Sessioner: "Call it what you want is lowkey a bop I can’t wait for y’all to hear it." Nice.

Another fan just wondered if it was the song that "made everyone cry," tweeting: "Dear @ Secret Sessioners, Is 'Call It What You Want' the song that made EVERYONE CRY?" Please tell us.

One Secret Session attendee gave us this fair warning about the new tune: "call it what you want it so good... y’all buckle tf up." Noted.

One fan summed everything up perfectly and got a song reference in as well, tweeting: "Person: You’re too obsessed with Taylor Swift. Me: I’d say I’m dedicated but call it what you want." I see what you did there.


OMG, this Secret Session fan literally couldn’t share anything if she wanted to: “Unfortunately I remember absolutely nothing about Call It What You Want other than she told us it was coming out early.”

Swift is really delivering in the days leading up to the release of Reputation, with the singer set to perform a new song from the album airing during Scandal on ABC on Nov. 9. Reputation will be released at midnight on Nov. 10.

Oh, and bonus! An extended version of her performance will air on Nov. 10 on Freeform.

Yesterday, Swift gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at her songwriting process, sharing a series of pics on Instagram with the caption: “A glimpse into the making of #reputation. There’s a video of me writing 'Gorgeous' on @att‘s YouTube page. Link in bio. #TaylorSwiftNOW.”

Maybe I'm crazy, but what if Swift is gifting fans with something new every day leading up to the release of Reputation on Nov. 10? It could happen.

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