‘13 Reasons Why’ Fans Are So Pissed Over This Rumor About Season 2

by Hollee Actman Becker
Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

March 31 marked the one-year anniversary of the release of 13 Reasons Why on Netflix, and rumors were flying that the streaming service was planning to surprise viewers over Easter weekend by dropping Season 2. Um, hello, best news ever! I mean, it seriously feels like forever since we've seen our favorite crew of angsty teens grace the halls of Liberty High. But sadly, the big drop never happened. And judging by the tweets about 13 Reasons Why Season 2, fans of the show are not happy about it at all.

So how and why did all the speculation start in the first place? After all, it's not like Netflix ever confirmed that it was planning to release Season 2 on the show's one-year anniversary. But it did release a video message on March 20 ahead of the new season that may have got the ball rolling. The clip features cast members Dylan Minnette, Katherine Langford, Alisha Boe, and Justin Prentice, and in it, they warn viewers about the intense themes the series deals with, including suicide, sexual assault, and substance abuse.

"If you are struggling with these issues yourself, this series may not be right for you, or you may want to watch it with a trusted adult," Boe explains.


There was also a fake poster featuring Boe and a March 31 Season 2 release date making the rounds online.

Looks pretty legit, right? But sadly, it wasn't. Actor Christian Navarro, who plays the Yoda-like Tony Padilla, even took to Twitter on March 28 to let fans know all of the rumors of an Easter weekend Season 2 drop were totally unfounded.

But even that couldn't keep fans from hoping for the best. And when it didn't happen, Twitter started blowing up with fans expressing their disappointment over the lack of new episodes, and TBH, I kind of don't blame them because I was seriously bummed out, too.

So now that we know when Season 2 didn't debut, what do we know about when it will? Not much. Although the new season of 13 Reasons Why wrapped filming a little over three months ago, there's still lots of mystery surrounding the second season premiere date. At least we have confirmation that Katherine Langford's character Hannah Baker — who commits suicide in Season 1 — will be back, albeit in a somewhat different way.

"I think Hannah was very different this season, which is something that a lot of people have talked about and mentioned," Langford explained in an interview with W magazine. "She didn't really come back in the same capacity or sort of as the same Hannah. It's a different Hannah that you see in Season 2. I think that was challenging, season two, for reasons that are different than season one. But ultimately I'm super grateful to have been asked back, and I think we get to focus on some really important storylines this season of other characters."

I'm super grateful she'll be back, too, because I really can't even begin to imagine what the show would be like without her. In celebration of the big one-year anniversary, Langford took to her Instagram feed to share a shot from the 13 Reasons set.

"1 year ago today, @13reasonswhy premiered," she wrote in the caption. "Forever grateful to have had the opportunity to tell this story and to have worked with the most beautiful people."

Annnnd now I'm excited for Season 2 all over again. Here's hoping Reasons SZN gets here soon!