Travis & Kylie's Body Language In Her Latest Insta Is "Quite Odd"

by Candice Jalili
Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I'm sorry if you were hoping for a reunion, but an expert says Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner's body language in her latest Instagram of them is "quite odd." ICYMI: Jenner got fans hopeful for a potential reunion with her ex when she posted a couple of steamy shots of herself and Scott modeling some fancy new clothes. The caption provided pretty much no intel on their relationship status, simply reading:

dress up with @matthewmwilliams@givenchyofficial 🤍 this collection is wow 🤤🤤 congrats !!! can’t wait to see more. ✨✨

So, Traci Brown, body language expert and author of Persuasion Point: Body Language and Speech for Influence, took a look at the pictures to see what she could understand based on their body language. Sadly, there aren't a ton of body language signs pointing to them being legit back together. "They're very close together, so that's about the only thing that would say romance in these shots," says Brown, adding that "they've set themselves up to look quite odd."

OK, but why do they look so "odd"? Before Brown breaks it down picture by picture, I'll give you a chance to examine both of the pictures in the post for yourself here:

OK, now that everyone has seen the photos, time to dive in.

In the first image, Brown points out Scott can be seen doing his "trademark move of looking down." She's right. The pose is pretty par for the course for Scott. Case in point:

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Aaaand another one:

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OK, just one more:

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OK, I lied. Here's another:

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You get the picture. The guy loves to pose with his head turned downward. But there is one tweak to his signature look that gives the pictures a little sex appeal, per Brown. "He's got his hand on his chest showing some skin," says Brown. "This isn't much different than what we'd see from a stripper, meaning that when you touch yourself it's seen as sexy."

Now, Brown turns her attention to their feet. "His left foot is on its edge, which says uncertainty," Brown explains. "She's doing a sort of power pose with her legs shoulder width apart. And those 5-inch heels say power, too. For both of them, leaning against the wall isn't the most powerful position they could have chosen. But I think they're posed here for the camera. So, the dichotomy may have been the look they were going for."

In the second picture, their power dynamic shifts. "His shirt is off and his feet show more certainty," says Brown. And his feet are lots farther apart, which says more confidence. She's dialed down the power a lot and is leaning against the wall with her knees close together. So, we almost have a power switch between the couple."

Brown also recommends turning to the caption Jenner penned for the 'gram for more context. "The caption says that they're playing dress up," Brown highlights. "So, we don't know if they're assuming character personas or what."

To be fair, it does seem as though Jenner and Scott have remained good enough friends since their split to really enjoy a platonic dress-up party. Even when news of their split first broke over a year ago, Jenner made it abundantly clear they're still on good terms by posting this now famed tweet:

So, they very well could just be friends who like to dress up and have photo shoots every now and then.