6 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Your Wanderlust & Travel On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for the amazing family and friends we're lucky to have in our lives. Friendsgiving is also growing in popularity, which is an added element to this festive time of year. But what if you want to do something different this go-around, like stray from the traditional turkey dinner and make your own holiday fun, possibly in another state or country? Thanksgiving has gotten a bad rep for being a seriously stressful time to travel. But if you’ve caught the sightseeing bug and don’t want to spend this holiday home sweet home, let your wanderlust take the wheel. There are many reasons why traveling on Thanksgiving is a good idea, and we're here for them.

I don't know about you, but wanderlust has struck me hard ever since I came back from living abroad for a few months. I’m constantly checking the prices and dates that I can either take time to head back to Europe, or travel somewhere I’ve never been before. Needless to say, if I could afford to do that this Thanksgiving, there are so many place across the globe I would love to explore. If you're in the same boat as me, whether you decide to hit the road with friends or family, the travel possibilities await. Here's why you should do it.

You Need The Space To Regroup

As much as you may love seeing your whole family every year, the holidays can be exhausting. And if you have a loud family, or one that has a ton of conflicting opinions coming to the table, then it may be even more so. Not that you should skip every family event, but every now and then we need some time to ourselves to recharge. So, if you have time off this Thanksgiving break, why not embrace it?

There will be other holidays, and you can send snapshots from whatever beach or museum you’re at. With FaceTime, it’ll be like you're right at the table with your family, anyway.

It's Been At The Very Top Of Your Bucket List

There’s really no time like the present. “Carpe Diem” is an important thing to keep in mind, considering we grow up so fast. Time goes by astonishingly quickly, and before you know it, you might not have a life that will enable you to go to the seven places on your bucket list.

Even if it’s just a road trip with your best friend or sister, why not do it now? If you’ve been waiting for that perfect time to visit a Greek island or a famous museum in Prague, why not go now? If your finances are there and you have time to do so, take that leap and go for it.

You’ve Been Dying To Head To A Specific Place

In a very similar notion, in addition to always wanting to just travel, are there places that have really caught your eye and begged for your visit? For me, it’s definitely anywhere in Germany or Poland, or even back to Santorini where I spent a few glorious days before my study abroad program started.

I have been itching to head back to Europe, and I may just do it one of these Thanksgiving breaks. The urge is just too, too strong.

You Want to Visit Relatives You Don’t Get To See Often

You may see the same relatives over and over, but there are some key family members who might not be able to make it to your Thanksgiving feast for whatever reason. Maybe you always celebrate with your mother’s side of the family, and your father’s side is a little less known to you.

Whatever the scenario at hand, another great reason to travel for Thanksgiving is to see these relatives who may be left out of previous holiday memories. This break is a great time to really include some new people at your table.

You Need A Break From The Weather
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If you’re like me and anyone else in a cold city, you know how essential a getaway is. I can only take so much of the harsh wind on my skin. Sweater weather is a fave of mine, do not get me wrong, but if I had the beautiful opportunity to head to even a slightly warmer climate, I’d jump on it real quick. Again, hello Santorini, you’re looking mighty fine right about now.

Sometimes, It's Necessary To Embrace The YOLO Mentality

To round up the list, why not just throw caution to the wind and go somewhere just because you can? We are young! I don’t want to quote a Pat Benatar song for every reason to do something fun, but it’s true. Before we know it, we will have work all the time, or might have other responsibilities in the future that will inhibit us from going out (let alone going on a big trip). If you can do it now, Thanksgiving is a great time to travel and enjoy life.