Trader Joe’s Is Selling Organic Rosé For $3.99 & I’m Officially Freaking Out

Trader Joe's is really fantastic for a multitude of reasons... there are too many to count, honestly. But aside from their reasonably-priced produce, tasty frozen meals, Cat Cookies, and, of course, their Cocoa Almond Cashew Beverage (literally to die for), the grocery store sells a selection of exceptionally cheap wines, which are really quite phenomenal. Most recently, though, Trader Joe's started selling organic $3.99 Charles Shaw wines, and they are seriously a dream come true.

According to the Trader Joe's blog, Fearless Flyer, the grocery store just released what many of us have eagerly been waiting for: a line of organic Charles Shaw Wines, which are made with all-natural Californian grapes. This new line will include three varieties, such as: Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Rosé, and each 750-milliliter bottle will only cost you a mere $3.99. Yeah, you heard me, you'll be paying less than $4 per bottle of organic wine. It's basically like buying a $4 salad, and that's practically unheard of.

Trader Joe's came up with the concept of cheap organic wine, because that's what customers were asking for, according to Fearless Flyer. The wine itself was in the works for a while, as the grocery store was meticulously working directly with wine-makers on the flavors, as well as the packaging, and most importantly, the cork (which is twist-off and resealable, I might add). This is literally everything I could want and more, and it's definitely going to be making appearances at all of my summer BBQs all the time this season.

Even though each flavor is bound to be absolutely delicious, there's a lot of hype around the Rosé flavor, as you'd probably expect. According to Cosmopolitan, this is probably just because summer is upon us, and the refreshing floral crispiness is everything that anyone could want to cool down on after a long, hot summer day. I mean, that definitely sounds good to me right now, if I'm being completely honest.

Each of these wines are perfect if you happen to be having a summer wedding this season, and why not snag all of your favorite Trader Joe's snacks to go along with them? Between Speculoos Cookie Butter, Mini Hold The Cone! Ice Cream Cones, Mac & Cheese Bites, Pita Crisps With Cranberries & Pumpkin Seeds, and Corn And Chili Tomato-Less Salsa, there are so many TJ's snacks that are perfect to serve at your upcoming wedding, and I'm sure they'll pair perfectly with each of the new organic Charles Shaw wines.

Oh, and while you're there, make sure to pick up some Trader Joe’s rose facial oil, because it's seriously the answer to all of my problems. Aside from smelling sweet like a garden filled with babies, apples, and love, rose-based products are great for topical use. Rose oil soothes redness and inflammation, it's hydrating, it balances the skin's pH, and has antioxidant properties. And at Trader Joe's, one bottle only costs you $4. Trader Joe's is seriously my lifeline, and I don't know where I'd be without all of their gloriously cheap products.

You and I both were already aware that Trader Joe's is a dream... that's a given. But the fact that they now sell $3.99 bottles of organic wine seriously made my day. Feeling like I'm doing something nice for my body when I'm really just drinking wine is all I could ever ask for in this cruel world, so this really comes in clutch. And with three divine flavors, I'm bound to be satisfied all day long. BRB, I'm going on a TJ's run... I need to get my hands on each of these ASAP.