This Chili Pepper-Infused Chocolate Is The Spicy Dessert You Need

Courtesy of Tony's Chocoloney

The holidays are all about indulging your sweet tooth, and one chocolate company is about to up the spice factor on your next dessert. TBH, Tony's Chocoloney's three new limited-edition chocolate bars might contain the brand's most out-of-the-box recipes yet. Whether you're looking to heat things up with a chili pepper-infused fudge treat or spice up your white chocolate with a blend of turmeric and chai, there's something here for every adventurous chocolate lover.

On Nov. 6, the chocolatier rolled out its limited-edition offerings for 2019, which mix the Dutch chocolate company's ethically-sourced white, dark, and milk chocolates with some of the most interesting mash-ups of ingredients, including some of the most interesting herbs and spices that the company has used to date. Seriously, this isn't your run-of-the mill chocolate. And for the spicier flavors, you just might want to have an emergency glass of ice cold milk on hand.

Milk chocolate devotees will want to try out the Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Thyme bar, which boasts a "herbaceous character," thanks to the combination of sweet milk chocolate with fresh herbs and honeycomb. This sounds like the best option if you're looking to mix your classic milk chocolate bar with just a hint of something different.

Courtesy of Tony Chocolonely's

Next up, you'll want to try what sounds like a chai tea latte in chocolate bar form. For the White Turmeric Chai Coconut bar, you can expect white chocolate (although it'll be a yellow hue due to the turmeric) mixed with notes of chai and coconut, ensuring plenty of sweetness and spice in each nibble.

Last but not least is the Dark Chocolate Chili Fudge Pink Peppercorn, which is labeled a "feisty one" by the company. According to press materials, you'll be heating up your tastebuds with the chili pepper-infused fudge, with crunchy pink peppercorns adding some texture to the silky 51% dark chocolate. As an added bonus, this offering doesn't contain any dairy or egg, so both vegans and non-vegans can enjoy this spicy treat leading up to the end of the year.

Courtesy of Tony Chocolonely's

According to press materials, all three of these unique concoctions are currently available purchase online at and on Amazon for $5.99 per bar, making it so easy to get your treats delivered to your doorstep. Meanwhile, you can also get them at The Fresh Market and New Seasons brick and mortar stores, so I'd keep an eye out for Tony Chocolonely's colorful packaging if you happen to have one of these retailers in your area.