Tom Brady at the 2020 Super Bowl

Tom Brady Might Not Be Playing In The Super Bowl, But Of Course He's Still There

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Sorry, Pats fans — your team just didn't make the cut this year. But even though Super Bowl LIV will feature the players of the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, a certain Patriot is still making waves in Miami. Yup, Tom Brady is at the 2020 Super Bowl, because it just wouldn't be the big game without him.

Brady is something of a fixture in the Super Bowl, to say the least. As the longtime quarterback of the New England Patriots, the guy has played in nine Super Bowls, has won a record six of them, and was named MVP of the big game four times. Super Bowl LIV breaks Brady's streak of back-to-back Super Bowl appearances with the Patriots, which had been going strong since 2016.

But while his team isn't playing, Brady still has a solid attachment to this game — aside from, you know, probably wishing he was tearing it up on the field. In a pre-game ceremony commemorating 100 seasons of the National Football League, Brady was recognized as a member of the honorary NFL 100th Anniversary All-Time Team, standing with legendary quarterbacks from the league, including Peyton Manning.

Brady also posted a photo from the field on both Twitter and Instagram, posing with fellow New England Patriots representatives who are part of the All-Time Team. He captioned the pic, "Pats Nation ❤️," which would normally be pretty standard, but has fans buzzing in light of rumors of Brady potentially switching teams in 2020.

Following the pre-kickoff presentation, Brady gets to kick back, relax, and enjoy the show. It's likely he's watching this game — and one player in particular — very closely. San Francisco's quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, used to be a teammate of Brady's when they played for New England together from 2014 to 2017. In fact, Brady was sort of a mentor to Garoppolo, since the younger player was essentially the Pats' understudy QB during that time. Ahead of the big game, Brady apparently texted Garoppolo to wish him good luck, so it's safe to say the Super Bowl veteran will have an eye on the up-and-comer from his seat in the stands.