Watch These People Have Their First Date After Tindering & Texting For 3 Years

Imagine matching with someone on Tinder, never going on a date, but liking them so much you still keeping in touch — for three years, despite living in two countries with an ocean between you. And then, after texting and FaceTime calls to keep the flame going, you finally, finally get to go on a date. That was the modern-day fairytale set-up for Amanda and James, two Tinder users who met when Amanda, an American, was studying abroad in London. Tinder's video of James and Amanda's first date — after all these years! — will make you heart feel warm and fuzzy.

Amanda and James happened to match when James was starting up university again and Amanda was headed back stateside. But they kept in touch and added each other on social media. "We were so excited for what each person was doing in their lives and we were just interested in each others' success," Amanda says in the video. Tinder brought the two together to NYC for their #SwipeLife video series. (Talk about a millennial meet-cute!) Then, Tinder sent them out for a night on the town to give their chemistry a go out of the studio and IRL, truly, for the first time.

Both Amanda and James are quite nervous, and say as much in their individual interviews leading up to the meeting. But you can feel the electricity through your screen when these two finally meet for the first time. If nothing else, catch their warm smiles and how they grin from ear-to-ear.

Tinder's Senior Director of Content Kelsey Blodget (a.k.a. who works with a team to create Tinder's website Swipe Life and funny content on Tinder's Instagram) was says they were adorable. "Even though they both said that it felt like they already knew each other, once the moment of their real-life meeting was approaching, you could just feel their butterflies," Blodget tells Elite Daily. "And once they set eyes on each other for the first time and got to talk, you could tell that their chemistry definitely translated into the real world."

Their NYC date was proof of that, as Blodget points out. The two went to the top of Empire State Building that night. (Peak New York! Peak romance!) And as it turns out, James missed his flight to London to spend more time with Amanda.

Amanda and James / Tinder on YouTube

In general, Blodget and the Tinder team figured that people do find great matches on Tinder, but aren't able to meet up with their match for one reason or another — especially because of distance. (For example, Blodget brings up matches made via Tinder's Passport feature, a Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold option that lets you swipe on users in different cities and countries). The team's video producer put out a call to hear about stories about not being able to meet up.

"We were incredibly touched by James and Amanda’s story and knew that we had to find a way for the two to connect IRL," Blodget says. "Their connection was just so sweet and so genuine. Even though they’d never met, they’d maintained communication for three years — we were blown away by that! And not just sporadic communication: They really were in close contact and had become a fixture in the other’s life."

Amanda and James / Tinder on YouTube

James did fly back across the pond, but reported back to Tinder, saying that he and Amanda are talking now more than ever. Amanda also has plans to meet up with James in London. Blodget did spill the tea and say that because Amanda and James live in two different countries, they're just friends for now. "But both shared that they had the absolute best time together and are chatting regularly — everything from updates on their day to inside jokes. We’re thrilled that they’re staying in touch," Blodget says. "And who knows what the future for them holds."

If nothing else, let this sweet vid nurture the hopeless romantic in you — if not, then the part of you that dreams of traveling the world and making friends that could last a lifetime. Indulge in the dreamy possibilities that a chance meeting on Tinder can bring.