A woman puts dill into a jar for pickled garlic.
TikTok's Viral Spicy Pickled Garlic Is Apparently Made For Kimchi Lovers


TikTok is full of users ready to impart some of their favorite snack recipes to the world — that's one of the main reasons you probably love it so much. From your "For You" page, you've discovered baked feta pasta and the bussin' "nature's cereal," which even had Lizzo raving. But the latest foodie trend — TikTok's spicy pickled garlic — has a lot of TikTokers divided.

The spicy pickled garlic recipe comes from TikToker Lala (@lalaleluu), who first posted a video raving about the tasty snack at the beginning of April 2021. That video now has over 100k likes, which is why Lala decided to post a follow-up video showing how to make the spicy pickled garlic snack. Luckily for you, it only takes four ingredients:

  • Pickled garlic
  • Sriracha sauce
  • Thyme
  • Chili pepper flakes

Not only does it take very few ingredients, but this recipe is so easy to make, which is why tons of TikTokers have decided to try it out for themselves.

If you're not a big fan of spicy food and hesitant about eating pickled garlic, it may not be the dish for you. However, if you're down to try anything, you'll definitely want to check out these five spicy pickled garlic TikToks to know just how to make some for yourself at home.

Mix The Ingredients Together In One Jar

If you're looking for the OG recipe, you can find it on TikToker @lalaleluu's page. All you need to do is take a jar of pickled garlic from the store, and drain out the vinegar. From there, add the Sriracha. Lala says to add "a lot," but it really depends on your love of Sriracha and how much you want.

Once the hot sauce is in the jar, add a teaspoon of chili flakes and a good amount of thyme on top. Close the lid, and shake it all up. That's the "fun part," according to Lala. When everything is mixed together and your pickled garlic is properly covered, you can spoon it out for a delicious snack.

Lala even admits that she eats the entire jar in one sitting, and proved it in a series of TikToks posted later. She said she was inspired to create spicy pickled garlic because she missed getting kimchi from her neighbor after her family moved away. She even stressed that it doesn't smell in her caption, because it's pickled. So, if you're worried about your breath smelling, don't be. And if you're a big fan of spicy kimchi, you've got to try this for yourself.

Make Your Own Pickled Garlic

If you don't happen to have some pickled garlic but you do have the cloves, make some homemade pickled garlic. Just follow TikToker @unlicensedtomom's tutorial by putting some garlic, dill, rosemary, coriander, pepper, thyme, and white vinegar in a jar to sit out overnight. Once you have your pickled garlic, follow @lalaleluu's recipe with the rest of the ingredients.

This TikToker Says To Skip The Thyme

Since this is a recipe that @lalaleluu experimented with, you can also play around with the ingredients to get a spicy pickled garlic you prefer. If you're not a fan of spicy things, you'll probably feel the same way TikToker @annapaulbackup did about it being "really hot." You may also agree that the thyme is not needed for this dish either.

This Could Be Your New Favorite Snack

If you're like TikToker @3kelsie, you may feel like you have to try every new trend on your "For You" page. Sometimes, it's a bad decision, but in this case, it's a good one. Even @3kelsie admits that the spicy pickled garlic is delicious, and it may just be your new fave snack.

Use Tajin Instead Of Chili Flakes

No chili pepper flakes? No problem. TikToker @kylethomas uses Tajin seasoning instead, and claims it's "really good." Just make sure you're using fresh pickled garlic, so your breath doesn't suffer the next day.