Tiffany Trump Reportedly Broke Up With Her Boyfriend & The Reason Is So Relatable

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Man, has it been a rough few weeks for the Trump family in the relationship department. First, Donald Trump Jr. and his wife Vanessa Trump called it quits after almost 13 years of marriage, and now it looks like another Trump sibling is saying goodbye to her relationship. Tiffany Trump broke up with her boyfriend of two years, a new report says, and the reason is actually super relatable. Remember all the drama you thought you had with high school boyfriends? Well that's nothing compared to the tough calls you have to make as an adult. Not even a Trump is safe from it.

Trump and her boyfriend Ross Mechanic were going strong but reportedly called it quits because Trump decided to move from New York City to Washington D.C. for law school, according to People. As of summer 2017, the couple was "together and serious" but Trump became "extremely stressed out to be moving cities," a source told People. And it looks like that contributed to the end of the relationship. To boot, it would have needed to be a long-distance relationship, as Mechanic works as a data engineer for Cadre — a Jared Kusher-founded real estate startup — in New York City. The publication reported that the pair split "around the time" Trump started law school. Neither Trump nor Mechanic have publicly confirmed the break-up.

Page Six also reported that they broke up because of Trump's move to D.C. Reportedly, Mechanic was reportedly a little bit of a stage-five clinger and wanted to be around his girlfriend all the time. Which can't happen if the youngest Trump is Elle Woods-ing it up in D.C. A source said,

Tiffany and Ross’ relationship had become pretty serious, but they quietly broke up late last year. It was all about her moving to D.C. Ross didn’t want her to go there without him, as he lives in New York. He wanted to be with her 24/7, and with Tiffany away in another city, it became a huge disagreement, and they decided to go their separate ways.

Reportedly, Trump wanted to put her career first and didn't want to stay in NYC just because Mechanic wouldn't come with her to D.C., and he didn't understand that she needed to follow her dreams and make the best decision for her career. Clearly, Trump wasn't going to let anything or any man stand in her way. A source told Page Six,

I think it was hard for Ross to understand [that] Tiffany needs to put her future first. She isn’t dating anyone else, she is just really focused on law school, her studies and becoming her own person.

I am totally relating to (and feeling kind of proud of) a Trump right now. This is a really weird feeling.

Trump and Mechanic met while they were both undergraduate students at the University of Pennsylvania and started dating in 2015. The couple was spotted around a lot together (especially on Instagram, so you know it was true love). According to People, Trump and Mechanic summered together in the Hamptons, “Tiffany and occasionally her mom spent the entire summer at [Mechanic’s] parents’ house in the Hamptons," a source said.

The couple also attended President Donald Trump's inauguration together back in 2017.

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There are no clues to suggest that anything went wrong in Trump and Mechanic's relationship. It looks like Trump reached that crossroads where she had to focus on her career, and so they made the choice to call it quits. Honestly, I think most of us have had that moment in a relationship where everything might be good, but personal goals outweigh the relationship goals. This stands especially true when you start dating someone in college. It's pretty common and relatable. Break ups suck, but good on both of them for doing what was best.