Meghan's Dad Accused Her Of Whining In A New Book... That She Didn't Write

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Meghan Markle's relationship with her father, Thomas Markle, has been strained ever since he was caught staging paparazzi photos ahead of her wedding in May 2018. After he suffered a heart attack and missed the ceremony, their relationship only became more complicated as Thomas criticized the royal family in several interviews. Thomas reportedly tried to make amends with his daughter after she moved to LA with Prince Harry, but now that has all seemingly changed with the upcoming release of a new biography about the couple, Finding Freedom. Thomas Markle's quote about Meghan and Harry "whining" in Finding Freedom makes no sense, since the couple did not personally contribute to the book in any form.

Finding Freedom was written by royal reporters Carolyn Durand and Omid Scobie. According to its description on Amazon, the book "goes beyond the headlines to reveal unknown details of Harry and Meghan’s life together." Although it officially hits shelves on August 11, a few excerpts have come out teasing a behind-the-scenes look into the couple's life, including how they met, the royal family's honest feelings about Meghan, and the Duchess' strained relationship with her father.

In one of the passages, Meghan reportedly blamed the media for her and Thomas becoming distant. "He’s vulnerable," Meghan supposedly told a friend about the situation. "He’s been baited. A lot of the tabloid journalists have been coaxing him and paying him. I don’t know if he really even had a chance."

Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images

Thomas soon caught wind of his mention in the book, and he was not happy about it at all. "This is the worst time in the world for [Meghan and Harry] to be whining and complaining about anything," he told The Sun. "Because people everywhere are suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic."

Although he added he "loves" his daughter, he doesn't "appreciate what she’s become right now."

There's a huge problem with Thomas' criticism against Meghan and Harry: they didn't write the book.

"The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were not interviewed and did not contribute to Finding Freedom. This book is based on the authors’ own experiences as members of the royal press corps and their own independent reporting," the couple's representative confirmed in a statement.

Unfortunately, by the looks of it, the release of Finding Freedom may have only further hurt Meghan's relationship with her father despite her having nothing to do with it.