This Was The Best Part Of Your 2018 Year, According To Your Sign

by Valerie Mesa

Is it just me, or was 2018 not the most terrifying yet spiritually-liberating year you've ever experienced? Alright, IDK about you, but that's the best way to summarize my 2018 journey. In the meantime, however, I'm going to reveal the best part of your 2018, according to your zodiac sign, but first, let's talk about the key astrological themes, we were given no choice but to endure. Fact is, the cosmos play a major role in our lives, whether we like it or not, and it's important to acknowledge both their energy, and collective presence. Are you ready, my stargazing fam? Let's take it from the top.

The year kicked off with serious Saturn back in its home sign Capricorn, where it will remain until 2020. Saturn is Capricorn's planetary ruler, so this celestial body's plan was always strictly business. Capricorn represents all who are in authority, as well as our moral and social responsibility. Ring a bell? You can't deny that there's been a number of significant changes, within our country, since Saturn's debut entrance in Capricorn. Saturn, often referred to as the Lord of Karma, is the taskmaster of the cosmos. Its energy is ruthless, but incredibly righteous nonetheless. Saturn in Capricorn's motto is, "you only get as much out of life as you put into it."

Pluto, Scorpio's planetary ruler, was also traveling through ruthless Capricorn, destroying and rebuilding hierarchies, so expansive Jupiter's transition into Scorpio, simply made this cosmic reconstruction that much more vivid, and taboo-like. For instance, events such as the Me Too movement, where people all over the world started speaking up about sexual harassment and assault, were both shocking and incredibly liberating. In addition to that, rebellious Uranus made its transition into practical Taurus, and we were given an entirely different perspective on beauty. Granted, some of these events weren't the easiest, but change doesn't happen overnight.

Nevertheless, here's the best part of your 2018, based on your sign:

Aries: You Embraced Your True Colors

This was a year full of passion, romance, and intense transformation. You were given the opportunity to really tap into your creative gifts, and embrace your individual truth.

Taurus: You Made Incredible Contacts

Let's face, Taurus: You made so many bomb connects this year, and while some of you are still looking for the right partner, you were still in good company.

Gemini: You Found Joy In Your Routine

Whether you were working hard and enjoying your day job, or perhaps decided to turn vegan in hopes of a brand new lifestyle, you still managed to create a healthy environment all by yourself.

Cancer: You Tapped Into Your Soul's Truth

Embracing your soul's truth is equivalent to making magic, and that's exactly what you did this year. This was a mystical year indeed, and your ancestors were right by your side.

Leo: You Experienced Soul-Level Healing

Whether you were paying karmic debt or simply learning how to live with yourself, you still somehow managed to shed skin, and surrender to a deep rebirth.

Virgo: You Learned How To Speak Your Truth

You were always one to keep to yourself, despite your general opinion, or worse, internal struggles. Those days are gone, Virgo. You know what you want, and you're not afraid to speak your mind.

Libra: You Put Yourself First

You found exciting new ways to earn a living, and finally learned to embrace your self-worth. You've always been so talented, and the best part is, now you why.

Scorpio: You Experienced Deep Spiritual Awakenings

This was a year of travel, karmic lessons, and spiritual renewal. You found the space you needed within yourself, and within your surroundings, to live your best life.

Sagittarius: You Changed Up Your Routine

Aside from learning the beauty that comes with embracing your solitude, you also made rebellious moves in your day-to-day life. You discovered new ways to approach your work, and your routine.

Capricorn: You Discovered Your Hidden Talents

You discovered unusual ways to express yourself this year, Capricorn. There's more to you than meets the eye, and you weren't afraid to embrace your authentic eccentricities.

Aquarius: You Thrived In The Public Eye

You get what you give, and you put in the work, Aquarius. You're gaining public recognition, and doing what you love all at the same time. The spotlight is on you, and you're here for it.

Pisces: You Expanded Your Horizons

You took a leap of faith this year, Pisces. You experienced everything from traveling to faraway lands to embracing your personal philosophy. You know what you want in this life, and you're no longer afraid to go after it.