This viral wrapping paper hack has people on Twitter amazed.

This Super Simple Wrapping Paper Hack Has People On Twitter Amazed

by Daffany Chan
GMVozd/E+/Getty Images

The art of gift wrapping doesn't comes easy to everyone, and almost nothing is more frustrating than when the wrapping paper doesn't fully cover your gift box. Well, it's time to finally master your skills and tackle that pile of presents. With the help of this viral wrapping paper hack, you'll get through the holidays without wasting mis-measured sheets of paper all season long.

The internet is buzzing about one simple wrapping paper trick that will help you make use of the paper on the end of the roll. On Sunday, Dec. 15, Twitter user @DannyDutch showed off the hack in a post captioned, "This seems so damn obvious! Diagonal wrapping is now my 'go to'."

The the seven second video easily solves the problem of trying to use a sheet of paper too small to cover the entire box you need to wrap. To start wrapping like a pro, you simply move the box on a diagonal angle in the middle of the wrapping paper, maximizing the area of available paper. Once you rotate the box diagonally, you tape up the four corners of the paper to the top of the box, which creates the perfect fit and results in a sleek wrapping job. The trick will save you time and money in comparison to the traditional wrapping method, which places the box in the center parallel to the sheet of paper and often comes up too short to cover the entire gift.

Holiday gift wrappers reacted to the nifty hack on the Twitter post with shock and amazement.

Some people already knew about the trick to getting the most out of your paper.

People couldn't believe they'd been avoiding this obvious hack for so long.

The technique was also shared earlier in the month in a viral TikTok video from @mrs_dee_penda on the same subject. The TikTok video also highlights how you can use less tape by taping down multiple corners of the wrapping paper with one piece of tape.

A quick Google search shows the hack has been shared on the internet in previous years, like in this 2018 video from 5-Minute Crafts, but since people aren't wrapping presents all year long, it's good to have this refresher for the holidays.

Though the ingenious hack might seem obvious, shifting your gift to a diagonal position will truly be a game changer this season. Wrapping that pile of presents is now lookin' like a piece of cake.