This Little Girl Had The Most Iconic Reaction To Getting Ramen Noodles For Christmas

When my family reminisces about our Hanukkah celebrations from back in the day, I'm told that I was often more excited about playing with the shiny wrapping paper (or the colorful gift boxes) than with the actual presents. Small children definitely appreciate the little things more than others — and Raeann Perez discovered this firsthand with her daughter this past Christmas. Whether bubbly children warm your heart or if this speaks to your inner college student, this viral video of a girl getting Ramen for Christmas is seriously adorable.

It was Dec. 25th and everyone was sitting under the tree. Annie was dolled up in a festive dress with her hair done perfectly; she was ready to open presents. She picked up a small, shiny package, which many young kids these days might've hoped (or even assumed) contained a tablet, an iPad, an iPhone, or even a MacBook. There were, however, no high-end electronics beyond that shiny green wrapping paper. In fact, what was inside was much more salty and delicious: It was soup. TBH, Annie was just as happy about her new packet of what appears to be shrimp-flavored Ramen as she would have been to receive an Apple product.

While we recognize that Ramen isn't quite a conventional Christmas gift, the girl smiled and asked, "What is it?" Her reaction to finding out that it was soup was giddy and so thankful. While the appreciation was a little unexpected, it was amazing, nonetheless. (And it was totally all of us when our moms sent care packages full of Ramen to our dorm rooms... am I right?)

On Christmas afternoon, Perez posted the video of her daughter's reaction on Twitter. She added a caption to explain the unusual gift of soup, and said,

Making sure she stays grateful for everything she has. Lol Love her happy heart

Raeann told ABC 12 that she wasn't totally sure how Annie was going to react. Was she going to be upset? Would she laugh? Or would she be excited? There were too many pasta-bilities of what Annie might think of her instant noodles, and Raeann wasn't expecting her absolute appreciation. She said,

Really, it was just to get a reaction out of her. (Annie’s) dad and I didn’t know if it was gonna be anger, sadness or pure innocence. What we captured on video was the best (and) we honestly thought she was going to be confused as to why she got a Ramen instead of a toy.

In a followup video, Annie brings Raeann her shiny new bag of shrimp Ramen, begging for her to come help make it. Clearly Raeann's gift of Ramen was successful, even if it was supposed to be more of a lesson than anything else.

If you're feeling that Ramen might not be the perfect present for your nephew, what about a banana? Dustin Griffie's posted a video of this toddler, who was beyond elated to receive a banana for Christmas. In his passionate words, "BA-NA-NA."

The moral of the story is that young children are super easy to shop for, because they will literally appreciate anything. Ramen had Annie Perez running to her mom to help her make it, and Dustin Griffie's nephew was more excited about a banana than any of us have been in the past ten years. So if you're confused about what to get a young child for Christmas, grab something at the grocery store; an orange, a box of cereal, or a bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos works perfectly. Either way, they will probably be really freaking thankful.

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