These Viral Cats Are Communicating Through Window Signs Because They're So "In Love"

If you don't believe in soulmates yet, then take a look at this viral Twitter story about two cats in love. FYI, it's cuter than any romantic movie I've seen in a while — so grab your tissues. If you're hoping for a brief summary before I get into the tweets, though, I'll fill you in on the adorable details. To put it simply, two cat neighbors who watch each other through their windows have seemingly fallen in love. Their owners have helped them communicate with handwritten signs, and the rest of the story will make you swoon.

I'll take it from the top. On Monday, April 22, Twitter user (and cat owner) @kenziecoffman tweeted about her cat, Simon, who is "in LOVE" with her neighbor's cat, Theo. In her tweet, she wrote that Simon "waits all day" for him, and that she'd keep her followers updated. (Rest assured that she did not disappoint.)

Her initial tweet (below) also included pictures of Simon and Theo looking at each other from across the way, along with photos of the signs that were made for them. Simon's initial sign asked for Theo's name, and Theo's sign called Simon his "best friend."

How freaking adorable, am I right?

That's not where the cuteness stopped, though. In the following tweet, @kenziecoffman provided a video of Simon and Theo's "first interaction." In the footage, Simon jumps onto his windowsill and starts pawing at the glass while Theo sits at his windowsill in the distance. (I'm getting total Romeo and Juliet vibes, here.)

To make the story even cuter, @kenziecoffman shared a video of Simon's first birthday party. Again, you can see Theo sitting at his window in the distance, as if he was joining in on the fun.

At that point, it seems like both Simon and Theo's parents noticed that their cats were totally crushing on each other. In the next video that @kenziecoffman shared, both handmade signs are hanging in the windows. On top of that, both windows are open so that the kitties can "talk" to one another.

In a following tweet, Simon's owner wrote, "My neighbor and I both opened our windows so they can talk. We’re losing our minds."

As you can see, both Simon and Theo seem extremely pleased about their newfound romance. Plus, Simon's owner already put a new sign in her window. Elite Daily reached out to @kenziecoffman to see if communication is continuing, and she says, "I JUST put up a sign saying 'Theo, we went viral on twitter' and am waiting for a response." Hopefully Theo sees the new sign and celebrates his Twitter fame.

Regardless, it seems like Twitter is loving the tread. Following @kenziecoffman's tweets, tons of people are swooning over Simon and Theo's love. Some of 'em are even relating their window signs to a scene from Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me" music video.

Other Twitter users are hoping for a playdate IRL.

It seems like other people following along are simply grateful for such a "pure" love story.

I don't know about you, but I think some sort of rom-com should be made about Simon and Theo's love story. If not, I hope one of their owners keeps posting adorable content about their window romance.