A Group Of Friends Had To Be Rescued From Their Unicorn Float & TBH, I Can Relate

It's obvious that unicorn floats are having a moment right now. I'm sure you've scrolled through Instagram this summer and saw your friends floating atop a rainbow creature inside a pool at the Hamptons (no judgement, I'm just jealous). At this point, it seems like everyone is trying to show off their inflatable animals, but one friend group just stole the spotlight. Unfortunately, they weren't posing with their float the same way everyone else seems to be. Instead, they were stranded, and the video of women being rescued from their unicorn float is all too relatable.

Seriously, have you ever tried posing on a unicorn float? It's, like, impossible. I'd probably end up getting stuck on one before pulling off an Insta-worthy photo, and I'm not even ashamed. In fact, I can totally relate to the group of friends who got stuck in their unicorn float while they were relaxing in the water.

According to TIME, the unlucky ladies were floating in a Chisago County lake in Minnesota when their mystical unicorn got caught in the weeds. Even though the passengers had paddles on them, they were stranded in the body of water.

Apparently, police from Chisago County drove by the lake in the nick of time and saw the women struggling. One of the officers, Deputy Scotty Finnegan, stood on a small pier at the shore and used a rope to pull the women out of the weeds.

Thankfully, the Chisago County Sheriff Twitter account posted a video of the unicorn float rescue.

See?! I told you it was relatable.

When the Chisago County Sheriff posted the video, they also wrote a caption that hilariously informed the public about the rescue. It said,

Driving by a local lake we observed a bunch of women in a stuck in the weeds...Yes a rainbow unicorn... With a handful of laughs and some mad rescue roping skills they were pulled back to the dock! #wherestheglitter

Seriously, though. A rescue mission like that deserves a ton of glitter.

In all seriousness, no one was hurt while the unicorn float was being pulled to shore. I just hope the women who got stranded find a weedless lake where they can relax and take photos without getting stuck again.

If you're inspired to purchase your own giant unicorn float for you and your friends, I have good news. You can buy one online by visiting Sam's Club. The unicorn float — which is actually called the Party Bird Island — sells for $149.98. However, it appears to be sold out, so keep an eye on the product page and hope it gets restocked before the summer ends. In the meantime, you can check out additional giant unicorn floats on Amazon. I think they're totally worth splurging on if you want to spend a day on the lake with a bunch of your friends.

If you do decide to buy one, keep an eye out for weed patches. Apparently, not even the magic of unicorns can break through them.