Kris Jenner and her daughters pose for a photo.

The KarJenner Sisters Danced In Leotards For Kim's Birthday & I'm Living For It

Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Anytime one of the KarJenner sisters' birthdays roll around, there's a celebration to be had. No one does birthdays bigger or better than the famous family, and when Kim Kardashian celebrated her 40th birthday on Oct. 21, her family went all out. They surprised Kim with an epic party complete with a choreographed dance, and the hilarious moment was caught on tape. The video of the Kardashian sisters performing a dance for Kim's birthday will have you watching on repeat.

Leading up to her birthday, Kim admitted to keeping expectations low. “I had all these, like, dreams and goals for my 40th birthday that can’t come true [due to the coronavirus pandemic],” she said during an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Although her 40th birthday bash was smaller than usual, her sisters made sure to plan something special. The dance they pulled together actually held some history, and was a recreation of a dance they did for Kim at her 10th birthday.

"When Kim was turning 10 years old I was throwing a big party at the house. And I came up with the idea that I would get all of her girlfriends to give a performance," Kris explained in the episode. "I thought it would be so much fun to recreate the dance."

After much practice, the girls nailed the throwback dance. You can see the video of the Kardashian sisters performing Kim's birthday dance below.

Kim was completely caught off guard, but was touched by the thoughtful birthday gesture. “All my best friends that I grew up with since, like, preschool, we call ourselves the lifers,” she said on the KUWTK episode. “We have seven of us that are best friends since childhood, and it is so special and thoughtful to have them here that I want to cry, but I think I’m in shock."

Her entire party came as a surprise to her, and she looked taken aback as she entered the room, which was decked out in birthday and Halloween decor.

Inside the party, no detail was overlooked. Kim's family set up a number of difference surprises throughout the night including a dinner party, and massive video screens that played throwback home videos.

Kim's milestone 40th birthday may not have been what she had envisioned, but, with so many surprises in store, it was a night to remember.