Kim K Posted An Adorable Video Of Saint, North, & Chi Telling Her How Much They Love Her

Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Prepare for your eyes to become heart-shaped, fam. Kim Kardashian’s little ones are pouring out so much love on the 'Gram and I can't take it. You have to see this video of Kim Kardashian's kids saying how much they love her.

On Sept. 19, Kardashian uploaded one of her best posts to date. Don't @ me. The sweet post was a video of her kids being kids.

The one-minute video begins with Saint West fully in frame while North West chucks up the deuces from the bottom right corner. "Hello Peanut," Saint says enthusiastically into the camera. "Hello Peanut," Kardashian repeats. Excuse me, who is Peanut? Can I be Peanut? I want in!

"Are you a little peanut?" Kardashian then asks Saint, before North returns to provide some older-sister realness. Taking her mother's lead, she asks Saint, "Are you a little peanut?"

At this point, the two eldest West children begin playfully screaming with each other. "Hey little peanuts, come here," Kardashian says, pulling Saint closer to her before he screams "No" while smiling into the camera.

Kardashian then asks Saint to "say hello to the camera." But, of course, he's a child and would rather say, "Hello Poopie." I don't know who that is. Up to this point, I thought I was Peanut.

Anyway, jokes aside, the video continues to bring on the cuteness, with Saint saying "I love you Mommy" twice. My heart stopped, only to be revived by a cameo from my little princess (yes, my little princess) Chicago West. She climbs onto the couch and stares bright-eyed into the lens while Kardashian asks Saint how much he loves her.

"So much, so much," he yells into the cam while stretching his hands toward the heavens. Aww... the love he has for his mom is so pure and now I'm a crying mess over here.

"That much? That much? You love me that much?" Kardashian asks. "Oh my gosh, I've never seen someone love me so much," she says, kissing Saint all over his face.

Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Now, if you think you reached your cute Kardashian kid max, I'm going to tell you to make some more room. Re-enter North West. It's the 6-year-old's time to love on her mom.

"What about you gorgeous girl? How much do you love me?" Kardashian says to North. "Uh, capiche," she retorts. I'm not going to lie, this is where my ugly cry turned into an ugly laugh. North is out here speaking Italian. I'm floored and so is her mother.

"Capiche?" Kardashian laughs before the video cuts.

I gotta say, that was a pretty long clip of almost all the West children. Four-month-old Psalm is obviously too young to speak, climb couches to make a cameo, or even do anything remotely interesting besides eat and poop, but I have a feeling he loves his mom just as much as her other angels.

I'm counting down the days until we get a Psalm West "I love you mom" video. No need to speak or climb, Psalm. I'll totally accept a clip of you making a heart with your precious little hands.