Kim K Got Angry Over Kanye's Christmas Party Plans For An Unexpected Reason

by Hollee Actman Becker
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Remember back in December 2018 when we found out that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had out-Kringled Kris Jenner by taking over as hosts of the annual K-fam Christmas party? In typical Kimye fashion, the bash was way over the top. I mean, John Legend performed songs off his Christmas album, and Keeks and Paris Hilton went sledding down a hill of faux frozen fractals that was created by the same company that did the snow effects on Game of Thrones. So, yeah. But what we didn't know until now was that the big bash was almost even more lavish. That's right you guys, the $1.3 million star-studded event was actually the scaled down version. And you have to see the video of Kim Kardashian overruling Kanye West's Christmas party plans because it's proof that sometimes celebrities argue about money and they really are just like us.

You know... kinda.

OK, so during the June 9 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim showed her sister Khloé Kardashian a mood board that Kanye had made for the party. And it was an actual poster board with, like, pictures taped on it, you guys. So I guess Kanye's not a big fan of Pinterest?

Check it out:

YouTube/Keeping up With the Kardashians

"This is for the Christmas party," Kim told Koko. "I'm not involved in any of the creative. That's all Kanye."

OK, cool. I mean, I'd expect nothing less from Yeezy, you know? But then later, Kim got her tinsel in a tangle when she found out the bash was getting out of hand in one major department: the budget.

"Kanye called me to tell me that the Christmas Eve party is going to be over the budget," she explained in a confessional. Then she called up "Ye from her car to set him straight.

"I really need you to not be upset, but this is so inappropriate that it’s so much money for a party for one night," she told him. "Finances stress me out more than anything in life, so just know that. The Christmas party is going to change. It's that serious. We can’t do this. So we have to cut so much of that."


Way to be responsible, sis!

"First of all, we can’t put snow in the street," Kim continued. "And we do not need an ice skating rink. I don’t want to ruin our whole landscaping. I literally will cancel the whole party."

As we all know, Kim didn't Grinch out cancel the party. And she didn't cancel the snow, either.

Check her out with Hilton, getting ready to go "down the sled":


But Kim was able to reel things in a little bit — they 86-ed the ice skating rink, y'all! — resulting in some much-needed peace on earth.

"Kanye and I were able to make some changes," Kim explained. "It should be about the entertainment and having a good time with good food."

I feel that. And apparently, indulging in a little holiday spirit(s) doesn't hurt, either.

"I was so drunk. And I never get drunk!" the beauty mogul admitted. "Everyone was drunk. I think Khloé stayed dancing all night long. It was honestly the best night."

T'was the season, I guess!