This video of Joe and Jill Biden with their dogs features a sweet story.

Watch The Bidens Play With The First Dogs & Share The Sweet Reason They Adopted Major

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden went on a morning walk with their two pups, Champ and Major, on Friday, Feb. 12, and the video is already melting hearts. In it, the Bidens, who went outside to take a look at the Valentine's Day decorations on the North Lawn, are seen with their adorable dogs in front of oversized heart-shaped lawn signs emblazoned with words like "compassion" and "courage." While the decor is eye-catching, the best part of this video of Joe and Jill Biden with their dogs is the sweet tale of Champ and Major's relationship.

An Instagram fan account for the first dogs, The Oval Pawffice (@first_dogs_usa), posted a C-SPAN video of the Feb. 12 outing. In the video, you can hear a reporter asking President Biden about the dogs. That's when Biden proudly explained one of the reasons why he and the first lady adopted Major. "Champ’s an old one, he’s almost 14 years old. I had him here when I became vice president ... Major is a rescue dog," Biden shared in the video. "We asked the vet about Champ, "What can we do to keep him going?' He said, 'Get him a young dog.'" Major was adopted in 2018 as a pal for Champ, and both dogs are German Shepherds.

As Biden finished his story, Major ran up to play with Champ, who'd been content laying on the lawn, and Biden happily looked over them. After a reporter remarked that the president "had a nice pair of dogs," Biden agreed, adding, "I do. They’re good boys."

While the dogs played with each another, President Biden and Jill also both agreed they are "great buddies." The Oval Pawffice added Champ and Major's pretend reaction to their dad's story: "The pride in our dad’s voice when he said we’re #GoodBoys melted our [hearts]."

The sweet moment with the first couple and the first dogs came about as President Biden and the first lady happened to be on the North Lawn to check out the first lady's decorations, which she showed off on her Instagram account. They featured oversized hearts with positive words like "kindness," "compassion," and "love."

The latest White House walk isn't the only time the doggos have stolen the show. ICYMI, Major and Champ starred alongside the first lady in a PSA video for the 2021 Puppy Bowl. In the ad, she said, "The unconditional love from a dog is one of the most beautiful things on Earth, and we owe it to them to keep ourselves healthy. So please keep wearing your masks, even when you're out walking your dog," she said.

The first couple was definitely taking the first lady's advice on Friday, as both President Biden and the first lady were clad in face masks — and even still, you could tell they were both smiling as Champ and Major played together. It's probably hard not to, because as President Biden said, "They're good boys."