I'm Sobbing Because Jimin & Jungkook Hid Backstage To Watch Fireworks With ARMYs


I just love BTS so much, man. Just the thought of them instantly makes me and the rest of the ARMY smile. They are just so — what's the word? Good. By that, I mean that they're one kind, genuine, and humble group of guys who have nothing but love to offer the world. Seriously. BTS is out there reminding everyone to love themselves a little bit more each day through their music and that honestly makes me want to cry just thinking about it. They really have that effect on people. What I love most about BTS is their genuine appreciation and love for their fans. BTS and the ARMY share one unbreakable bond and the video of BTS' Jimin and Jungkook hiding backstage to watch fireworks with the ARMY at the end their concert is just the latest example of how BTS shows love to their fans.

If you've been to one of BTS' Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour stops (or streamed BTS' concert at Wembley Stadium last month), you know that the absolute saddest part of the show is when the guys start singing "Mikrokosmos," because it means that the show is coming to an end. The last few minutes of a BTS concert are totally sad, but they're also some of the most beautiful because of the boys' swoon-worthy voices and the huge display of fireworks at the end. Now that I think about it, maybe the fireworks are there just to distract fans from the fact that RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook are making their way off the stage and probably not coming back to that particular city for a year. *Sobs* Well, at least that's what I thought originally, because apparently BTS sticks around for the fireworks sometimes, too.

Jimin just posted a video on Twitter that shows him and Jungkook backstage looking all sweaty (probably because they just finished a three-hour-long concert Shizuoka, Japan on July 14) and it's honestly one of the cutest videos ever.

In the video, Jimin began by recording himself and Jungkook listening to the fireworks at the end of their concert, and once he heard fans scream in response to the fireworks going off above them, Jimin moved the camera over so he could record the ARMY's reaction to the fireworks, too. Jimin also put up a finger heart in the ARMY's direction. It was totally adorable.

Watch the moment below.

Cute, right? But wait, there's more! Towards the end of the video, Jungkook said something to Jimin to make him turn the camera towards him. A fan on Twitter translated what Jungkook said, which was apparently, "Record me, too!" I repeat: adorable.

This wasn't the first time Jimin and Jungkook stuck around to watch the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself fireworks with fans. After BTS' concerts in Chicago in May, Jimin also shared a video of himself and Jungkook appreciating the beautiful scene. Of course, they only had their ARMY in mind then, too. Jimin and Jungkook shouted, "I love you guys" in unison and again, put up finger hearts for their ARMY.

So when fans are thinking about BTS during the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself fireworks, BTS is also thinking about their fans. Like I said, the bond between BTS and their ARMY is unmatched.