This Video Of Jimin Doing BTS' "Boy With Luv" Choreography A Year Ago Has ARMYs Shook


The BTS ARMY is waiting anxiously for the release of BTS’ “Boy With Luv” music video and now that the guys have shared a second teaser for the video, fans are going wild. One aspect of the latest teaser that has fans swooning is the fact that the “Boy With Luv” choreography has seemingly been in the works for quite some time if some of the boys' past videos are anything to go by. BTS may have been working on it for up to a year considering Jungkook shared a glimpse of Jimin doing what looks like the "Boy With Luv" choreography all the way back in April 2018 in his "G.C.F in Osaka" video. If fans are right, this video of Jimin doing BTS' "Boy With Luv" choreography a year ago sheds light on the layers upon layers of planning BTS puts into every aspect of their work.

The connection between the new “Boy With Luv” teaser and " G.C.F in Osaka" video was brought to everyone’s attention by a fan who highlighted the similarity in choreography on Twitter.

“BTS have been planning the choreo since last yr..... Jimin did it in the GCF Osaka #BoyWithLuvTeaser,” @Mochi_Jimin02 wrote on Twitter.

And it looks like they’re right! In "G.C.F in Osaka," you can see Jimin doing a few moves that look exactly like the choreography in the “Boy With Luv” teaser, just a bit faster.

You can check out the tweet pointing out the similarities in choreography down below:

And if you haven’t seen the new “Boy With Luv” teaser in full yet, here it is:

Naturally, gaggles of BTS fans are going wild over this because if it is, in fact, the same choreography, it further shows how committed the guys are to being great entertainers. Some fans seem to think that maybe Jimin originally came up with the moves and BTS later adapted them for the “Boy With Luv” video:

Other fans think this “Boy With Luv” choreography has been in the works for quite a while:

Other fans, however, don’t necessarily think any of this was planned and that BTS just kind of skimmed Jimin’s freestyle moves:

Whatever the case is here, the fans are obviously invested in how this video is going to turn out. And little by little, BTS is giving everyone a glimpse of what’s to come. It’s an exciting time for BTS and for their fans, after all, so the excitement is palpable. Not to mention that “Boy With Luv” is a collaboration with pop star Halsey, who is at the top of her game right now! She actually appeared in the very first teaser for the video, which is set to be released on Friday, April 12. Here is what went down in the first “Boy With Luv” teaser:

If you watched the video carefully, then you probably noticed that Halsey was working the ticket booth at a theater called “Persona,” which is part of BTS’ new album title. Their new album, also due out Friday, April 12, is called Map of the Soul: Persona and it's inspired by themes in Dr. Murray Stein’s book about psychologist Carl Jung. That book is called Jung's Map of the Soul: An Introduction. During the Speaking on Jung podcast, Dr. Stein explained that light and guidance were a huge part of Jung's overall message and legacy.

Well, I'm definitely getting a lot of light and guidance from BTS' new era so far! And the fans are loving every second of it.