This Video Of Jennifer Aniston Surprising ‘Friends' fans is a must-see.

Jennifer Aniston Surprised ‘Friends’ Fans At Central Perk & You Have To See It

NBC/NBCUniversal/Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston took a trip down memory lane and scared some Friends fans along the way in what might be the cutest video you'll see all day. Stepping in as the host of The Ellen DeGeneres Show for an episode, Aniston made a visit to the Friends set, but it wasn't just to reminisce. This video of Jennifer Aniston surprising Friends fans is so adorable.

Aniston replaced DeGeneres as the host for a special episode on Friday, Jan. 24. Us Weekly says that she even shadowed DeGeneres for a couple of days to get it right, so you know she meant business. To kick off the episode, Aniston began by telling viewers: "It is so exciting to host a talk show for the very first time." Although Aniston has never hosted a real talk show, she's been getting some practice with her role on Apple TV+'s The Morning Show.

After welcoming the viewers, Aniston jumped into some nostalgia for her star-making sitcom that was filmed on the same studio lot. "You probably know that Ellen's show is filmed on the Warner Brothers lot, and I spent about 10 years here doing a show called Friends." She continued, “And the set is actually still here. It’s part of the Warner Brothers Studio tour. So I thought, while I’m here, I’ll go take a visit."

A visit, indeed. What she meant to say was, she was about to literally crash a studio tour. While a tour guide began introducing the set of Friends to his group, he showed them Central Perk and asked them to take a seat on the famous couch for a photo. When he asked the first group of women who their favorite cast member was, the response was Ross. Little did they know, Aniston was hiding behind the couch, ready to spring out and question their choice.

The video shows a compilation of behind-the-scenes scares, with the former Friends' star popping out at groups of tourists sitting on Central Perk's couch. A truly golden moment in the clip shows Aniston jumping out at a pair, scaring some fans by yelling, "Espresso!" It's followed up by a lot of screaming and the star saying, "I know, it's the cruelest thing in the world."

Surprisingly, one pair appeared more confused than scared, and Aniston slipped back behind the couch saying, "OK," before coming back up. The pair continued to question, "Is this real?," "Am I dreaming?," "Is it a mask or anything?"

The surprised fans got to sit in the Starbucks Rewards Skybox to watch Aniston host the taping of Ellen. Since none of them named Rachel as their favorite from the show, Aniston addressed them cheekily with, "Now you get to watch your third favorite Friend!"

You can watch more fun clips of Aniston hosting The Ellen DeGeneres Show on the website from the Jan. 24 taping, which features Will Ferrell and Selena Gomez as guests. TBH, though, you might have a hard time stopping yourself from watching the fan reactions from her surprise visit to the Friends set on repeat.