Chrissy Teigen Getting Scolded For Bartending At The Critics' Choice Awards Is Peak Chrissy

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen went above and beyond at the Critics’ Choice Awards! And she got yelled at for doing it. The 33-year-old model and cookbook author headed out to the Critics’ Choice Awards on Sunday, Jan. 13 and decided to take a crack at bartending for part of the evening. Unfortunately for Teigen, though, event staff quickly booted her from behind the bar and told her she simply could not bartend. The video of Chrissy Teigen getting in trouble for bartending at the Critics’ Choice Awards is actually hilarious!

In her usual fashion, Teigen documented the whole evening on social media. And to be frank, she wasn’t terribly thrilled to be there after throwing her husband, John Legend, a huge birthday bash the night before. Just hours after celebrating Legend’s 40th birthday, the two were out on the town for the Critics’ Choice Awards and Teigen was tired! In an Instagram Story posted on the way to the awards ceremony, Teigen can be seen sitting in a car, looking at the camera, and saying, “This was a huge mistake.”

And on Twitter, it was pretty much the same story. “Why oh why god did I agree to the people or critics choice whatever it is the night after John’s party this was a big mistake huge yes this is a fancy problem,” Teigen tweeted.

But once she was at the awards ceremony, things changed, and she was even down to do some bartending for awards show guests. While she was bartending, though, a Critics’ Choice Awards show staff member basically told Teigen she wasn’t allowed to serve drinks. And it was all caught on video!

You can check out Teigen working her mixology magic in the video down below:

After the night was over and Teigen was safely back home, she took to her Instagram Stories yet again to say how grateful and happy she was to be near her own bed. “I’m so happy right now, I have my yogurt,” she said while holding a yogurt container. “And I’m going to bed.”

As for Legend’s birthday party, which is what made Teigen so exhausted in the first place, sources told E! News that it was amazing and full of energy.

"The dance floor was packed with people all night. At one point, Chrissy got behind the DJ booth and thanked everyone for coming. Then they all sang Happy Birthday to John and he loved it. Everyone seemed to have amazing night," the source explained.

No wonder Teigen was so exhausted! It kind of makes you wonder how Legend was feeling after all that partying. He didn’t seem too bothered by having such a packed schedule, so I guess he was handling it a little better than Teigen was!

All in all, though, it seems like the party was a lot of fun. The kids were on hand for the festivities, and Teigen even went as far as to ask fans which tux baby Miles should wear.

So, Teigen had her work cut out for her, for sure! Glad she made it through such a jam-packed weekend!