Charlie D'Amelio attends The Tonight Show.

Charli Met Her Biggest Fan & It Turns Out She's A 7-Year-Old Social Media Star

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In terms of TikTok stardom, Charli D'Amelio is the queen. Not only is she officially the most-followed person on the app, but she's scooped up the kind of dedicated fanbase that follow her every move. That being said, no one is a bigger fan than 7-year-old Everleigh LaBrant. A budding social media star herself, LaBrant had her TikTok dreams come true when she got the chance to meet her idol and it was all caught on video. The video of Charli D'Amelio meeting her biggest fan is a tear-jerker.

It was all thanks to LaBrant's parents that the plans of meeting D'Amelio fell into place. The YouTube parents have over 11 million subscribers on their The LaBrant Fam channel, so they posted a video trying to grab D'Amelio's attention, and while she didn't see it, her dad did.

D'Amelio's father reached out to the LaBrant's and promised to make their wish come true. "Hey, Labrant family. The D'Amelios will make it happen. Follow me so we can direct message," he wrote in a comment on their TikTok page.

Naturally, little Everleigh was over the moon. Unfortunately, they couldn't meet face-to-face just yet due to the coronavirus, so the girls decided to make their meeting digital. They FaceTimed each other from their couches and it was basically the most heartwarming moment ever. The girls chatted about their love of dance, their ages, and hometowns, and then, D'Amelio made a promise to meet up with LaBrant in person once self-quarantine is over.

You can watch the special moment below.

After their chat, LaBrant's dad asked her how the fall made her feel in three words, to which she replied: "scared, happy, and excited." Pretty understandable seeing as she had just met her all-time biggest idol.

D'Amelio has been bonafide TikTok royalty since joining the platform, but she officially became the most-followed person on the app on March 25, when she surpassed 41.4 million followers. Previously, the title had been held by Loren Gray. It only took D'Amelio nine months to become the most-followed content creator on the app seeing as she first launched her TikTok account in June 2019.

With five million followers herself on Instagram, little Everleigh is following in her idol's footsteps when it comes to social media stardom. Plus, the two gals plan on making a TikTok when they eventually meet in person, so there's definitely some viral content to come from the new friends.

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