Carole Baskin "Circle of Life" 'DWTS' dance

Watch The 'Lion King' Routine That Finally Got Carole Baskin Kicked Off 'DWTS'

by Ani Bundel

No one expected Carole Baskin to survive on Dancing With The Stars for very long. At least one celebrity is cast as a "stunt gag" every season, from Tucker Carlson way back in Season 3 to 2019's Sean Spicer. These contestants aren't expected to make it more than a week or two into the competition. Tiger King's Carole Baskin fits that model, especially in Twitter's response to her, and the judges' remarks in Week 1 suggested she wasn't going to last long. This video of Carole Baskin's final DWTS dance might explain why she was sent home in Week 2.

Dancing With The Stars first introduced its Disney Night, in which contests all perform to an iconic Disney song, way back in 2014 with Season 17. For a long time, the theme, which is a tie-in with ABC's parent company, Disney, came on Week 5. That put it after the weakest dancers had been cut, but while there were still quite a few contenders left.

This year, as part of the DWTS shake-ups, Disney Night moved to a far earlier spot in the calendar, turning up in Week 2. It maximized the number of Disney songs fans got to enjoy, and it gave Baskin a couple of different cat-themed options. Dance to music from The Jungle Book about evil tiger Shere Khan? Or pick something more uplifting from The Lion King?

Naturally, Baskin went with the more well-known big cat character from Disney's pantheon, dancing the samba to the classic hit, "Circle Of Life."

Fans were... less than impressed. Tweets about her routine compared Baskin's costume to those worn in the musical Cats. The judges weren't fond of her performance either. After her first week turning up an abysmal 11 out of 30 points, this week brought her only one better, with a low score of 12. Judge Bruno Tonioli really tore into Baskin's moves. He told her:

I am stunned. I actually have never ever see a samba like this one. You just walked through it. Samba needs life, bounce, and energy. She just can't sleepwalk through a samba.

Baskin wasn't the only one who had an off night. Anne Heche didn't do so well either; she landed in the bottom two alongside Baskin. However, Tonioli announced he was saving Heche and was joined in that decision by judge Derek Hough, which sent Baskin back to her cats.