Cardi B Posted A Video Riding In Her Car With Her Pants Down For The Most Relatable Reason

Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Cardi B is an eccentric person. Anyone who follows her on social media or anywhere else knows this. Between her wild style and outlandish performances, she truly does make your head turn! I mean that in a positive way! But on rare occasions, Cardi can be exceptionally relatable. Take, for example, her Instagram video from Tuesday, Jan. 15, in which she rides in the back of a car without any pants on and tells you, in excruciating detail, why she’s doing it. On the surface, it may seem strange, but deep down, it’s totally relatable. The video of Cardi B driving in the car with her pants down is the most Cardi B thing she’s ever posted.

In the video, Cardi can be seen sitting in the back seat of a car with her pants pulled down (but still covering herself) and complaining about how tight they were. Apparently, she pulled her pants down in the car, which thankfully had tinted windows, in order for her more sensitive areas to “breathe.” I suppose that makes sense considering that wearing tight jeans has caused people to fear health risks, at least according to this 2017 article from The Atlantic.

In any case, Cardi slipped her pants off to ride in the car more comfortably and decided to document her trip for everyone on social media to see. Here’s how she explained her predicament to her fans.

"This how I gotta ride in the car son because these pants is too motherf*cking tight. Sh*t was giving my p*ssy a wedgie. I hate having p*ssy wedgies, bro. My p*ssy be screaming at me like, 'B*tch! You got me f*cked up! You want a yeast infection, b*tch? You want a f*cking yeast infection?'" she complained. "So, you nam' sayin'? Y'all I ride around this ho like this. P*ssy breathin', though. P*ssy breathin'!"

The video is uncomfortably comical at best and definitely gives you the feeling that Cardi, who’s become a superstar over the past year, is just like the rest of us! Here’s a look at the video which probably falls into the NSFW category, FYI:

Earlier on Tuesday night, Cardi shared a photo of her full outfit, which consisted of a jacket, jeans, and shoes by Dolce & Gabbana and a bra by NAMILIA.

So, Cardi was all dressed up in designer duds. In any case, the video wasn’t the first time this month she’s discussed wedgies. Just a few weeks ago, on Jan. 2, Cardi mentioned having a wedgie at the Bay Dreams concert in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. She even stopped her performance to fix the issue, telling her audience, "Anyways, y'all, I need a little break! I'll be right back, I gotta take this wedgie out my a**."

Yikes! Cardi is obviously not afraid to tell things like they are, which is probably why so many people love her. No matter what you think of Cardi B, one thing you can’t deny is that fame hasn’t gone to her head just yet. She’s totally unconcerned with what people think and that makes her all the more endearing... in her own Cardi B kind of way.