V, Jin, & J-Hope From BTS Made Up The Cutest Dance To Jimin's Song "Promise"

by Jamie LeeLo

In this hectic, mixed-up world, everyone needs friends, you guys. No one knows that more than K-Pop sensation, BTS. These seven guys have each other's backs like whoa. The most recent example is in a video of BTS dancing to Jimin singing "Promise," and it has me smiling ear to freakin' ear. The boys stopped by the 2019 Golden Disk Awards where an interviewer asked Jimin to sing a little bit of his new hit single. Much to everyone's delight, his crew was there to back him up and add a little choreography. Sure, they might have been joking around, but ARMYs are eating the interaction up.

If you're not familiar with Jimin individually, let me be the first (or millionth) to highly recommend you get familiar. While he's obviously a devout BTS idol, the heartthrob surprised ARMYs everywhere when he dropped "Promise" on Monday, Dec. 31. In fact, BTS' Twitter account shared the single on their blog. The melody is a delightful little ditty, which weaves both English and Korean lyrics. The chorus repeats these beautiful lyrics about self-love:

I want you to be your light, baby / You should be your light / So you won't hurt anymore, so you can smile more / I want you to be your night, baby / You could be your night / I'll be honest with you tonight

Swoon city.

The only thing missing from this masterpiece is a music video with poignant choreography, which is a huge piece of what BTS and K-pop, in general, is known for. According to fan translations of the boys' backstage interview, the Golden Disk Awards interviewer noticed this and asked Jimin if he had any moves to go with his new song. Jimin explained he hadn't thought about it before and invited his group members to help him out. As he sang a few gorgeous notes, V, Jin, and J-Hope offered playful, funny choreography.

Sure, they didn't take the moment too seriously, but I am for sure taking this video super seriously. Check it out:

While it's tricky to track down an English translation of the full interview, one Twitter user offered up this explanation of what the boys are talking about:

JM sang a line from Promise, and said V would dance the choreo: a choreo even he doesn’t know. JM watched it & laughed saying ‘Even jokes need to stay within a certain line’ & when the MC said it didn’t seem like a joke ((that it was good)) JM laughed more.

It's so lovely to see that V, Jin, J-Hope, Jungkook, RM, and Suga are all so supportive of one another's solo projects and I'm sure Jimin is, too.

Honestly, I can kind of see the "Promise" music video coming to life in my mind. It involves Jimin walking in slow motion towards the camera while his friends delicately bob behind him doing their new dance moves.

Even with just the lyrics, fans on Twitter responded with things like, "wow, this is beautiful," "I'm complete," and, "Thank u, Jimin."

While the song itself is an obvious treasure, more than anything, ARMYs just love to see organic interaction between their favorite group members. 2018 was such an intense year for BTS and their success appears to only be growing. It's such a joy to watch them goof around together when they can.