Jungkook Made A Heart For ARMY Using Only His Hair, Because He's That In Love

by Jamie LeeLo

You'd think by now the whole world would be used to how famous BTS is. Jungkook, Jimin, Jin, J-Hope, RM, Suga, and V are nothing short of global superstars. I learned the same amount of knowledge about these K-pop idols in six months than I did in a lifetime of being a Britney Spears fan. That's really saying something. It's easy to forget that underneath all of that rockstar power are seven normal personalities. The video of BTS' Jungkook making a heart for ARMY with his hair is a silly, but sweet, example. In between show-stopping performances, jet-setting across the globe, and sustaining an omnipresent pressure to be "on," JK is just a regular guy trying to make people smile.

Could he be any more precious? ~Le sigh.~

It took me about two seconds to understand how important hearts are in K-pop culture, but especially when it comes to BTS. The purple heart emoji is synonymous with the group and basically a way for ARMYs everywhere to say, "I love you. I see you," on social media and the internet. Finger hearts, however, are a totally different ball game. I noticed in my BTS research that the boys regularly made the unique hand symbol and embarrassingly had to ask my editor what it meant. The answer: a quick way for BTS to show ARMYs they're thinking about them! (For any other ARMY newbs, the heart is comprised of your forefinger resting on top of your thumb.)

It looks like this:


Adorable, but not as adorable as Jungkook straight up making a heart out of his bangs.

The boys regularly vlog for ARMYs to soak up all the behind-the-scenes moments and inner-group interactions. In this particular Bangtan Bomb, Jungkook was caught brushing his teeth. It looked like he was chilling in some sort of locker room or changing area when he caught his own reflection in the mirror. His luscious locks (lol) hung parted in front of his face which seemed to inspire him. Being the adorable idol that he is, Jungkook paused to make a heart out of his own hair.

Believe it, sister:

Obviously, he was on a roll, because he showed off his effort to Jimin, who was passing by at that very moment, but Jimin looked somewhat unimpressed, prompting Jungkook to look somewhat betrayed. (LOL, Jimin, please acknowledge the Maknae's efforts!)

After that, Jungkook was seen painstakingly folding up a napkin into the shape of a heart, too.

Message received, Jungkook! ARMY loves you, too! Say what you want, but the video garnered nearly 800,000 views in just a few short hours.

JK-biased fans are always treated to some of the sweetest content when it comes to their main guy. He sent his die-hards into a tailspin earlier in 2019 when footage of him working out blasted onto the internet. (You thought the hair thing was big. Try swooning over this guy's biceps.) Now, ARMYs can purchase a JK doll by Mattel, too. So, in theory, one could wear JK merch, listen to JK music, play this JK hair-heart video, and make their JK doll dance all at the same time.

It's overwhelming.

ARMYs are sending you all of the hearts, Jungkook! Fingers, purple emojis, hair, and otherwise.