Jin From BTS Just Gave TXT The Sweetest Shoutout In His SMAs Speech

by Jamie LeeLo

If you follow K-pop, you know a new boy band is on the way. BTS' label BigHit Entertainment just announced a new group called TXT, a.k.a. Tomorrow x Together, is about to hit the K-pop stratosphere and their BigHit label-mates are excited to have them. While folks who are less familiar with the industry might think there is competition between idols under the same label, Jin just proved them wrong. In fact, there's a video of BTS' Jin giving TXT a shoutout at the SMAs which radiates total big brother energy.

BTS attended the Seoul Music Awards on Jan. 15 dressed up in rather dapper attire. Jin, RM, V, Suga, J-Hope, JungKook, and Jimin rocked sleek black suits, ties, white button-ups, and colorful hair while they accepted the Bonsang award, which recognizes the most influential artists of the year. Jin stepped up to the microphone holding a small bouquet of colorful flowers and a general easy-going demeanor. As part of his speech, he surprised fans when he seemingly went off script and gave TXT a shoutout.

"The company (BigHit) didn't tell me to say this," he began according to a fan translation. "But, our Hoobae (junior) will debut soon. Please keep sight of them."

Cue the mass hysteria.

Jin's bandmates smiled knowingly behind him and the overall moment is just, like, so cool.

Fans ate it up on Twitter, mainly noting how badass Jin is for saying what he wants when he wants.

The fact is, if anyone knows what goes into preparing for K-Pop megastardom, it's BTS. Having Jin and the band in your corner can only be a good thing. These seven guys have taken over the global music industry and fans can't think of anyone better to help TXT during their debut and transition into the public eye.

BigHit Entertainment announced TXT on Jan. 10. with tons of pomp and circumstance. They had an awesome hype-inducing countdown on the group's new website and have been slowly rolling out one member at a time. As of Jan. 15, the label has only announced three members: Yeonjun, Soobin, and Hueningkai.

Each member has their own introduction video and this group's vibe seems to be very playful, youthful, and bright. I don't know if I'm on to something here, but the color yellow is very prominent in their promo videos and pictures, too.

Yeonjun's video features him goofing around with technology, stuffed animals, and a karaoke machine.

As for Soobin, his intro video focuses more on school? I think? He's seen laying on a desk, hanging out on lockers, and chilling on an athletic field.

Last but not least (so far) is Hueningkai, who is busy goofing around in convenience stores, hanging out with a puppy, and playing on the streets in his video. He reminds me of myself before I knew about things like taxes and learning how to clean air filters.

Welcome to the world, TXT. Jin, BTS, and ARMYs everywhere have your back.