This Video Of Bees Swarming Times Square Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

Stocksy/Lauren Naefe

If you need further proof that 2018 is a very bizarre and traumatizing time, this video of bees swarming Times Square in the thousands will make you want to go into hibernation mode ASAP. On Tuesday, Aug. 28, the #Beepocalypse actually shut down a section of the square, and unsurprisingly, Twitter is abuzz with people who can't stop freaking out about it. TBH, the live-stream is the stuff of nightmares, so watch at your own risk.

The NYPD had to get involved after swarms of bees, not tourists, took over Times Square on Tuesday afternoon, according to video footage from the event. Per NBC News, reports first started surfacing around 1:30 p.m. ET that a "small swarm of bees" had taken over the umbrella of a hot dog stand in the square. I initially thought the whole thing was a joke when I first saw that the supposed incident was trending on Twitter — that is, until photographic evidence surfaced showing that the "small swarm of bees" was in fact an army of buzzing insects, and they were bearing down on a small hot dog stand.

Footage from Twitter users as well a Times Square Bee Cam (I kid you not) show that there are literally thousands of bees grouped on the umbrella of a hot dog stand, and it's enough to make even someone who isn't a bee-phobe (apiphobic, to be exact) completely lose it.

Onlookers gathered in the streets by 43rd and Broadway reported that authorities had shut down the intersection to deal with the mayhem, per NBC.

The news source reported, "It wasn't immediately clear where the bees came from or if anyone was stung."

Thankfully, the hero we need showed up to save the day.

Around 2:30, authorities sent in a man dressed in a bee suit to begin vacuuming up the swarm of bees and remove them from the umbrella. However, breathing a sigh of relief and going back to their lives is easier said than done, as many New York residents are still attempting to process the ridiculousness of the whole situation.

Honestly, I can't relate to the humor of the whole situation, but that's just me. After all, it's not the first time that a horde of bees has descended upon the square. On June 28, a reported 30,000 bees made a home for themselves on a ledge of the Old Times Building in Times Square. Are these the same bees, or descendants of those bees? Was there a reason that the bee colony chose to target that particular hot dog stand? Luckily, it sounds like no one was hurt or stung, but I'm still totally shook by that live-stream.

Either way, you can bet that I'm staying far away from Times Square until further notice.

The Great Bee Invasion of 2018 might be over (for now), but it's safe to say that it'll definitely be living on in my nightmares.