This video of two dogs' "bone competition" is too cute.

Watch 2 Dogs Channel The Puppy Bowl In This Super Cute "Bone Competition"

It's hard to find anything cuter than puppy antics. In a recent video, a professional sports broadcaster in the UK uploaded a competition video featuring his adorable Labrador Retrievers (and his expert sports commentary) in a competitive match over a dog toy. This video of two dogs in a "bone competition" is the only sporting event you need.

Dog owner and sports broadcaster Andrew Cotter, is a commentator for the BBC's sports coverage, including golf, rugby, and tennis. With sports on pause, he's recently gone viral for his adorable commentary while his two Labrador Retrievers wrestle a fake bone. The pups — a yellow Lab named Mabel and a black Lab named Olive — held a "bone competition" in Cotter's home, and people on Twitter are here for the cute rivalry. Cotter uploaded the competition to his @MrAndrewCotter Twitter account — complete with his precise and hilarious commentary — on Thursday, April 9. TBH, the laid-competition combines with Cotter's remarks will give you some serious Puppy Bowl vibes.

The video begins with Olive in the lead, the toy bone in her mouth, while Mabel stares her down, clearly wanting to take the victory. Cotter observed, "We're into the final minute, and Olive in possession, but this is where Mabel is strong, using that intensity." Cotter continued, saying Mabel had the same intensity in the "semi-finals" when she stared down a cloth rabbit toy for over seven-and-a-half minutes.

Then, the owner turned his attention to Olive, calling the Lab overconfident. At the end of the clip, Olive finally drops the bone from her mouth and lets it roll onto the carpet beside her foot, away from Mabel's reach. "There's the change from the classic hold, still placed in the outside, though, great technique," Cotter said. Following the change in positions, he continued, "20 seconds to go now. Olive closing in on victory and that coveted prize."

While Cotter comments on the competition, you can see Mabel's face, as though she's trying desperately to figure out how she can nab the bone. Eventually, Olive loses hold of the bone and Mabel is a last-minute champion. Cotter called it, "A famous win built on patience and sheer belief."

Twitter users are in love with Cotter's "broadcast" and the cute pups:

Some are team Olive:

Team Mable is for the win:

Cotter previously uploaded another cute competition video with Olive and Mabel on Friday, March 27, showing his pups duke it out over their food bowls. In that match, though, Olive was clearly the winner:

Here's hoping for more Olive and Mable videos, with expert commentary, of course.