PDA: Public Dating Announcement

Like it or not, we're living through a dating revolution. Today, people are meeting in new ways that, even a decade ago, would have sounded more like science fiction than real life.

And while phrases like "swipe right" and "super like" are being rapidly adopted into our collective vernacular, it turns out we're still as bad as we ever were at the actual act of dating, especially now that we're doing it in the digital age.

That's why we teamed up with Tinder to create PDA: Public Dating Announcement, a video offering tips for being your best self when you're looking for love (or, like, whatever) on an app.

You might think the rules are simple and self-explanatory — "1. Don't be a jerk" — but trust us, they aren't.

Never fear, though, because we've called in the (self-proclaimed) experts to teach us how to navigate this new dating landscape, from how many non-negotiables is too many non-negotiables to include in your profile (hint: Don't include any) to why "hey" as an opening line is more problematic than you'd think.

So next time you find yourself questioning your path in this brave new world, don't panic. PDA: Public Dating Announcement is here for you — consider it your spirit guide to modern romance. Or something.