This Twitter Thread About Girls Becoming Friends After One Was Stood Up Is So Sweet

Imagine you and and the person you've been seeing long distance are finally able to meet up. You plan a trip to go visit them, booking a flight, renting a hotel room in their area, and planning out a weekend for the two of you to hang. Then, imagine you get to their city, where you know absolutely nobody else, only for this person to totally ditch you. I don't know about you, but as far as I'm concerned, that's an absolute nightmare. But this Twitter thread about girls who became friends after one was abandoned by a dude she was visiting offers us all a little sliver of hope in the form of girl power.

Basically, a young Texan woman named Leah had reportedly flown to Florida to visit her boyfriend, according to the thread. Since the minute she arrived in Florida, Leah's boyfriend was apparently doing all sorts of shady things, like telling her he needed to leave to put lotion on his face (no, seriously), ultimately leaving her completely alone in her hotel room for most of the trip. Then, when Leah ordered an Uber and her driver, the Twitter user who started the now-viral thread, asked how her day was, Leah reportedly couldn't help but break down and tell her what's been going on.

Most drivers would have probably awkwardly nodded along and maybe offered some meaningless words of encouragement to help the girl out, but Twitter user @vickto_willy went above and beyond for Leah. She invited her to come out with her and her friends, and from there, the girls were able to create a bond no dumb boy could ever replace.

It all started when @vickto_willy picked Leah up for Uber.

Leah broke down and revealed the guy she was visiting totally ditched her.

Naturally, @vickto_willy and her friends offered to go after this guy, but Leah passed on that option.

The dude had reportedly been acting suspicious throughout Leah's whole trip, and @vickto_willy saw right through his shadiness.

Here's where things get really heartwarming. @vickto_willy brought Leah to a pregame with her friends.

Leah was apparently THRIVING with @vickto_willy and her friends.

Needless to say, a drunk dial was eventually made to her jerk ex (we've all been there), and his lies just kept getting worse.

Luckily, this time, Leah had her new friends to confront him and his excuses.

At the end of the night, they tucked Leah safely into bed at her hotel.

Ultimately, Leah flew back home to Texas with one less dude, but with a whole new crew of girl friends.

Once again, we come across a story that gives us a very necessary reminder that RELATIONSHIPS COME AND GO, BUT FRIENDSHIPS LAST FOREVER. As far as I see it, this trip was a total win for Leah. For starters, she was able to see her (hopefully now ex) boyfriend for who he really is and trim the negativity out of her life before things got too serious.

As if that wasn't good enough, she also got to make friends with these awesome ladies whom she wouldn't have had the chance to get to know if she was off in lover's paradise with her bae. So all in all, I'd say it was a good thing this trip played out how it did.

And while we aren't completely sure if this story is 100 percent true, we can still very much use this story as a lesson. Next time you see a girl in need, don't waste your chance to totally flip her bad day around. Your friendship could make all the difference. And the next time you're down in the dumps about some dumb person you're dating, don't get too consumed in your sadness — you never know who's waiting for you just around the corner... or in the driver's seat of your Uber.

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