This Is Us

This Theory About Kevin & Randall's Fight On 'This Is Us' Is Too Much

by Ani Bundel

This Is Us pulled a twist finish at the end of "The Cabin." After spending the hour in three eras — 1993, 1998, and 2020 — the series suddenly cut to a flashforward to 2034, where the family gathered to say goodbye to Rebecca. For viewers, this was a double plus bonus scene. After seeing older versions of Randall, Tess, Rebecca, Beth, and Toby, this was the first chance to see how Kevin aged. But Kevin's hesitation in coming inside has spawned a new theory about Kevin and Randall's fight on This Is Us and if it ever gets resolved. Warning: Spoilers for This Is Us Season 4 follow.

This Is Us has given viewers puzzle pieces to the future, but not the hows or whys. So far, viewers know the following facts:

  • By the time Season 5 premieres, Kevin and Randall will be so on the outs, they cannot even spend a birthday together with their ailing mother.
  • By the time Rebecca is dying in 2034, Kevin will have built their father's dream home on the Pearson land in Pittsburgh.
  • Randall doesn't want to go to Kevin's alone, arriving with Tess. Viewers initially thought this was due to him and Beth divorcing, but that turned out to be wrong.
  • Meanwhile, Beth is comfortable enough in Kevin's home to take over food prep.
  • Moreover, Beth, Randall, and Tess have all seemingly been to this house before, unlike Toby.

What this suggests is even if Randall and Kevin are still on the outs, Kevin is not so far gone that he won't invite his brother to see the house their father designed.

That's a good sign that whatever breaks their relationship does eventually soften with age. But Randall's tense response in coming to the house should not be overlooked. Nor should Kevin's hesitation to go inside when he arrives with the food. These both indicate that even if sleeping dogs are being allowed to lie right now, both brothers know there's unfinished business.

But what concerns fans is the idea this parting of ways hasn't fully resolved so many years later. The blow-up between Kevin and Randall we happen before 2020 is out. 2034 is almost a decade and a half later. If this theory is right, and the two of them still haven't put it behind them, how bad is it going to be?